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Australian temporary visas and some exemption in their limitations due to COVID-19

Australia has the largest number of international migrant in the world. Many people come to Australia to start their career or to find new opportunities for employment. Different industrial sectors in Australia satisfy their demand of manpower through these skilled migrants. Ann this is how they contribute towards the economic development of the country. Many temporary visas are offered by the Australian immigration system that allows their holder to come, live and work in Australia temporarily, for example, TSS visa, subclass 186, etc. Some of these visas also lead to Australian PR.

Australian immigration system also has visa options for the backpackers. These visas allow the working holidaymakers to live and work in Australia for a temporary period. Moreover, international students also make an important part of Australian society and culture. Australia is one of the favourite destinations for international students. It’s prestigious and world-recognized educational institutions attract millions of students from different parts of the planet to come to Australia. These institutions offer various different courses an international student can enrol in. International students also contribute a large sum of revenue to Australia’s economy and thus is an important part of it. Students are also allowed to work part-time but there is a limitation on work hours for students. But due to the current pandemic situation, many limitations on various visas are changed.

In this article, we will talk about various Australian temporary visas and how some of their work limitations are changing due to COVID-19.

Some temporary Australian visas whose work limitations are exempted or changed due to COVID-19

Here are some Australian visas whose work limitations are changed due to the coronavirus pandemic

Student visa subclass 500

Student visa subclass 500 is a visa subclass that permits a student from overseas to come to Australia and study an enrolled course from one of its registered institutions. This visa allows a student to live in Australia until his or her course is finished. Also, this visa allows a student to work part-time. The limitation of work hours on this visa is 40 hours at maximum in 15 days.

Temporary work (international relation) visa subclass 403

This visa allows its holder to live and work in Australia according to the terms and conditions stated in an ongoing agreement between Australia and another country. The limitations on the work that can be done by this visa subclass holder depend upon the terms and condition of the agreement.

Temporary activity visa subclass 408

This visa lets you participate in a temporary activity in Australia. One must be sponsored to participate in such activity to be eligible for this visa.

Working holiday visa subclass 417

This visa allows the backpacker to live and work in Australia for a specific time period. The time of stay and limitation on work hours and employer depends on the stream of this visa

Current situation of COVID-19 in Australia

The whole world is busy fighting the ongoing pandemic the coronavirus that has taken over the world for more than 6 months now. It has affected the health of millions of people around the world and also has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. My countries are still facing the peak of its effects. This pandemic has an impact on not just the heath of the people but it has changed every aspect of life. The global economy is facing the worst ever scenario due to this pandemic. Also, the social life of everyone on this planet has been affected in many ways.

Australia is taking this pandemic as a medical emergency and is taking every possible precaution to prevent this virus from spreading and to cure people affected by it. The current cases in Australia are around 7000 and the death stat is 105. It is quite a better number from different parts of the world. This shows the effectiveness of the ways through which the government is handing the COVID-19 situation.

How work limitation in these visas are affected by COVID-19 and what are the exemptions?

Following are the changes and exemptions made in the work limitations of these visas:

  • In critical times like these there is medical emergency everywhere around the world. Australia is also taking every possible step to make its medical and health care system stronger in these difficult times. This is why the international students associated with nursing or aged care sectors can work for full time if they like. This will make sure the presence of extra staff in the case of emergency
  • International students working in critical departments like supermarkets, agriculture-related fields or other critical fields are also exempted from work hour limitations and can work full time if they want to.
  • Temporary visas holders like subclass 403, subclass 417 and subclass 408 who are working in critical fields and their visas are expiring can apply for COVID-19 special visa subclass and can stay for additional time in Australia.
  • The backpackers helping or working in COVID-19 affected fields are also exempted from the six-month work limitation with one employer

This was all about temporary visas and how their conditions are changing in the current pandemic situation. If you want to know more about it or any Australian visa our migration agent in Melbourne will be happy to help.

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