International students to resume their studies in Australia under the Pilot Program.

International students to resume their studies in Australia under the Pilot Program.

Australia is one of the favourite destinations for international students. Millions of international student come to Australia every year to fulfil their dreams of quality education and a renowned degree. Let’s have a look at how international students in Australia are affected by it and how the situation is getting better for them again under the Pilot Program.


Factors that make Australia #1 destination for International students:

  • Australia has some of the finest educational institutions in the world. Its educational institutions are not only famous for providing renowned degrees but they also empower their student with sound knowledge and understanding of their relevant fields. Australia’s universities come in the list of top universities in the world. Many international students get enrolled in these universities in every new session.
  • The culture and society of Australia are really adapting and tolerating. This makes it easier for a foreigner to adjust in a new place. The friendliness of the society encourages a person to live freely according to his or own culture and lifestyle. Australian cities are considered to be one of the friendliest cities on this planet.
  • The cost of education in Australia for an international student is also a major factor behind it being a favourite educational destination. The cost of tuition and other expenses is much lower in Australia than in other developed countries which are famous for a good education. One can enjoy world-class education at a much affordable price in Australia. Australian student visa subclass 500 allows one to work part-time through which one can easily afford to support his or her living expenses in Australia while studying.
  • Studying in Australia can open many new doors for one’s future. A degree earned from an Australian institution is recognized and appreciated all over the planet. It can prove to be a very important milestone for your career and can land you endless opportunities for your future


These were some points that show how Australia is so famous among international students. But everything around us is disturbed due to the current coronavirus pandemic. This situation is also affecting international students.

How COVID-19 is affecting education in Australia for international students?

The coronavirus has taken over the world. There might be any place on earth where life is not affected by this virus. Every aspect of life is facing troubles due to this pandemic. Same is the case with international students enrolled in Australian educational institutions. Australia welcomes a very large amount of international students who get enrolled in a different course offered by various institutions around the country. Many educators around the country are for social distancing and to prevent further transmission of the virus.


This has caused many problems for students from overseas. They are not being able to come to Australia and start or resume their studies. Australian educational system is also bearing a big loss due to this situation as it is at the verge of losing many of its international students. These students are major contributors to the country’s economy.


To make handle this situation Australia has launched a Pilot Program through which chosen international students will be able to come to Australia despite the border limitations. This comes as good news for the students waiting for their study session to start in Australia without any further delay. In the next section, we will discuss some details of this plan.

International students returning to Australia. How?

Australian Capital Territory is launching a Pilot Program through which international students will be returning to their universities in the ACT. This is going to be a gradual process and will start up slowly. Here are some silent features of this scheme

  • Under this scheme, initially, around 350 students who are enrolled in specific universities of ACT will return to Australia in July 2020 through a chartered flight. There has been a restriction on border form the month of March. Due to which many students were unable to fly back to Australia.
  • The students will be chosen by the universities and the preference will be given to the older students, one doing research and postgraduate diplomas, or the students in their final semesters, etc.
  • International students returning to Australia will have to go through a mandatory quarantine for a fortnight. This will be supported by the state government and universities.
  • All the safety and precautionary measures will be taken by the university and the state’s government to ensure the safety of the students in current circumstances.


These were some important points of this Pilot Program. Australia has lost a great revenue by losing its international student enrollment due to the current crisis. Through this Pilot program, it is expected to get things back to the routine. But it is going to be a slow and gradual process. We hope that you find this article informative. For more information and updates on any Australian visa type like subclass 482, subclass 186, etc. Please contact our migration agent in Australia.


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