NSW is funding crisis accommodation for international students in this pandemic situation

NSW is funding crisis accommodation for international students in this pandemic situation. Let’s check out its details

Australian state located at the eastern coast is the state of New South Wales. It is the most populated state of Australia. Its total population is more than 8 million. Most of its population lives in its capital city that is the city of Sydney. It’s not only a popular city in Australia but also is a very famous city in the world. The total population of Sydney is around 5.5 million that makes two-third of the total state’s population. The most significant areas in this state include Sydney, Canberra the capital city of Australia, new castle, etc. the major industries of this state include tourism, agriculture, coal mining, IT, etc.


Another very important and significant part of NSW is its education. The educational system and institutes in NSW attract a large some of the students from not just Australia but from all over the world. Many cities in this state have world-renowned educational institutions. There are around eleven public universities in the state of NSW which offers hundreds of different programs, courses and degrees in various disciplines and subjects. Its capital city, the city of Sydney is also a very popular university city in the world.


Sydney is also home to Australia’s first university.  Its universities come in the list of top hundred universities in the world. Sydney has around eight public universities having local campuses around Australia and some of them even have an international campus.


International students and NSW

Education is such an important part of NSW makes it some of the best destination for higher education in the world. This is why many students are attracted to it from different parts of the world. The state of NSW welcomes a large flux of international students every year who comes to Australia on student visa subclass 500 from different countries across the globe. International students contribute majorly to the culture and society of this state.


Coming from various origins, these international students bring a part of their culture to NSW. Also, international students contribute a large sum of revenue to the state’s economy.


The international educational department is also ascending with every passing year. According to stats and figures, there were around 799,371 international students enrolled in different institutes of Australia from which around 304,545 were from the state of NSW. This makes NSW the state with the largest number of international students. This shows how significant international students are for NSW.


Let’s see how this state is helping its international students in the current pandemic situation.


How NSW is helping its international students in a COVID-19 crisis situation

The whole world is going through some difficult times due to the pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus. it’s been more than 5 months but there is still no vaccine developed for this virus so no one is sure when this current situation is going to end. Coronavirus has affected the health of millions of people around the globe and has also claimed hundreds and thousands of lives. But with that, it has also affected the pace of life in every aspect. The global economy is facing some of the greatest losses of its history.


Many people around the globe are unemployed, many businesses have been shut-down or are working at their minimum capacity, and many industries are facing severe deficits. The people struggling the most in this global economic situation are the people on daily wages, on part-time jobs or people who are away from their homeland.


Australia has a large number of international migrants on temporary visas like subclass 482 etc. and also a large flux of international students who are currently living in Australia and are not able to return in the current situation. International students are a very big part of Australia’s culture, society and economy. Most of the international students support their living expenses through part-time jobs and casual jobs but continuing that is really getting difficult in the current circumstances.


In these difficult times, many Australian states are supporting their temporary visas holders and international students. In the same context, the Australian state of New South Wales has announced a fund for crisis accommodation for its international students. A fund of AUS 20 million has been announced by the NSW government specifically to help its international students.


Important points about this fund

Following are some important points of this announced fund

  • Through this package, international students will be provided a temporary housing scheme through approved accommodation of students or homestay providers.
  • With that, a 24/7 helpline and support service will be provided especially to the international students.
  • International students are also accessible to Australia’s state of the art medical facilities whenever needed.

This was all about NSW’s crisis accommodation fund. For more information about it or any other Australian visa related issue consult our migration agent in Sydney who can guide you better.



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