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Latest updates on Australian travel ban due to COVID-19

An overview

The world is still in the grip of Pandemic coronavirus. It’s being more than 4 months now that the life on this planet is turned upside down due to the coronavirus. The number of affected people is increasing with a drastic number with every passing day. This pandemic has also claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Let’s have a look at the situation caused by the pandemic coronavirus around the globe:

  • According to the latest stats and figures, the number of affected people has now reached up to 3.6 million people. The death toll is 258000 worldwide. With every passing day, the situation is getting more out of hand with. More infected people implies a greater chance of infecting more people. Even the most significant countries on this planet seem to be so helpless in front of this pandemic.
  • There is a shortage of medical supplies, safety gears, medicines, ventilators, etc. not only in the underdeveloped countries but also in many developed countries. This shortage is making it more difficult to fight and prevent the pandemic coronavirus. Many global organizations and countries are helping the ones in need in this chaotic situation.
  • The social lives of most of the people living around the globe are disturbed due to this pandemic situation. People are advised to stay at their home. All social gathering is being discouraged. All the public places are closed to maintain social distance. In some parts of the world, the family members living in a different part of the city are not being able to meet each other due to curfews and lockdowns in those areas.
  • The global economy is facing the most adverse effects of coronavirus. Almost all the businesses and industries are going through a bad phase due to the closure of businesses, workspaces, production activities, borders and trade. Daily wagers and people on casual jobs are suffering the most in this situation and it’s getting difficult for them to survive on their limited savings. The economists are predicting more deficits and lose in the current year. This is why many people from around the world are now protesting against the lockdowns and curfews imposed by the government but on the other side, these lockdowns are very important in the prevention from the coronavirus.

These are only a few of many challenges the world is facing due to the ongoing pandemic situation. In this article, we will have a look at the effect of this pandemic situation on Australia. Also, we will talk about what’s new on the Australian border restriction scene.

What’s the current situation of COVID-19 in Australia?

Australia is among the few places in the world where the situation still seems under control. The number of affected people is not multiplying as it is in many parts of the world. According to current statistics, the number of confirmed cases in Australia are around 6,000 with 97 causalities. Australia is taking every prevention and precautionary measure to keep this number limited. This is why Australia imposed a travel ban initially on the high-risk countries, then on every country/ only the Australian citizens and permanent residents were allowed to enter the country with a 15 day mandatory quarantine period. But the things are slowly changing again. Let’s have a look at the latest updates on the travel ban and border closure:

  • Australian citizens and permanent residents are not allowed to leave the country. However, exemptions can be made in a few cases. Like if one is going out of the country for providing aid, or to conduct a very critical business activity that cannot be avoided or to get medical treatment that is not currently present in Australia, etc.
  • Temporary visa holders are encouraged to return to their home countries especially the ones of visit visa with no family support. However, those who are unable to return and their visas are expiring soon can apply for bridging visas.
  • International students who are not able to return to their countries are also being supported by some states. Students with their student visa subclass 500 expiring soon can apply for visit visa subclass 600.
  • Only Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate families are allowed to enter Australia. Everyone entering Australia has to undergo a mandatory quarantine for 15 days. Temporary visa holders are not allowed to enter Australia until they are exempted due to some valid reasons e.g. if they are related to critical departments like medical care etc.
  • One can transit through Australia if he or she belongs to a country that comes under transit without a visa category or is holding transit visa subclass 771.

These were the latest updates on border closure and the Australian travel ban. We wish and hope that the world will soon win its battle against coronavirus and all the matters of life will get back to normal in no time. if you have any queries regarding travel ban or any Australian visa like 189 visa etc. let us know.

Stay safe

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