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Check out how Tasmania is helping temporary visa holders in the current pandemic situation

A little about the state of Tasmania

Tasmania is an Australian state located in the southern side if Australia and there are many interesting facts about it. Let’s take a look at few of them:

  • The most amazing fact about this Australian state is that it actually is an island that is surrounded by 334 small islands. All these islands constitute the state of Tasmania.
  • The main island of Tasmania is the 26th biggest island on the face of this earth. Imagine the beautiful beaches and landscape sites it possesses.
  • A large part of this state is preserved as a natural site and the world’s heritage. Around 42 percent of its land comes under a protected area which is kept in its natural condition. These areas are usually national parks or other national and international heritage sites.
  • The population of this state is around 500,000 people from which 40 percent of the people are settled in its capital city.
  • The city of Hobart is Tasmania’s capital city. Hobart is also the largest city of this Australian state.
  • Tasmania is said to have the best air quality in the world. Imagine living in a place where the air you breathe is cleaner than the rest of the world.
  • The significant industries of this state include mining, tourism, vegetation and agriculture. The export of food is also a very important part of its economy.

These are some interesting facts about Australian state Tasmania. In this article, we will have a look at how the current pandemic situation due to COVID-19 is effecting Tasmania and what are the measures taken by this state for its residents.

COVID-19 situation in Tasmania

Coronavirus pandemic has started around five months back and from then it has disturbed the life on this planet in many ways. Up to this date it has infected more than 3 million people around the earth and has claimed more than 200,000 lives from all around the world. But the scariest part of this situation is that we don’t know when it’s going to end, as the world still does not have any full proof cure to it. Coronavirus has spread in different parts of the world with different intensities.  Every country around the globe is taking every measure possible to limit its transmission.

Up till now, Australia has around 6000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. But the death toll is still limited under 100. To keep it limited Australia is taking every possible measure. Which includes the travel ban, closure of markets and business centres and city lockdowns. The state of Tasmania has only 217 confirmed cases of coronavirus. This is why this Australian state is taking extraordinary steps to prevent the state from any further cases.

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How Tasmania is handling the situation?

Tasmania is very serious in taking every step possible that can keep this state safe from the current pandemic situation. But these serious measures have also affected other aspects of life. Many businesses and workplaces are closed due to precautionary measures

Tasmania has a large number of temporary visa holders and international students currently residing in Tasmania. A large number of them are highly affected by the situation caused by this pandemic. It’s getting difficult for them every day to cope with the current economic circumstances. This is why the state of Tasmania is specially providing relief packages for the temporary visa holders that are most affected by this pandemic.

How Tasmania is helping its temporary visa holders?

Tasmania has currently over 26,000 temporary visa holders. Most of them are highly affected by the economic condition created by this pandemic. Given below are four ways in which the state of Tasmania is helping them out

  • First of all pandemic isolation assistance grant is given to all the eligible individuals and families. A grant of $250 is given per individual or $1000 per family is given immediately to all the eligible candidates
  • Then additional grants are being provided to non-government organizations to compensate the losses they and their employees are bearing due to the pandemic situation
  • Travel advice is also given to those temporary visa holders whose home countries are safe but they are unable to return due to the travel ban caused by a coronavirus
  • The state of Tasmania is also working with industrial sectors who want to retain their employees due to their special skills and talent that can be useful in the current circumstances

These are some amazing steps taken in support of the temporary visa holders in the state of Tasmania.

Eligibility criteria for a pandemic isolation assistance grant

Here are the eligibility criteria for pandemic isolation assistance grant:

  • The applicant must be required by an eligible health provider to self-isolate. A letter from that health provider should also be provided as evidence.
  • Evidence of low income must also be provided
  • The applicant must be able to self-isolate in his or her residents as directed by the eligible health care provider.

This was all about how the state of Tasmania is helping its temporary visas holder like subclass 476 etc. in this difficult time. it is also hoped that other Australian states will also follow Tasmania’s lead and will provide some relief to its temporary visas holders and international students.

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