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All about the emergency relief fund for international students in Victoria

An overview of Victoria

Victoria is an Australian state that has its own identity and individuality due to many aspects. Let’s take a look at a few feature of this state that makes it different from the others:

  • Victoria is the smallest Australian state by land and second largest in terms of population which makes it the most densely populated state of Australia.
  • Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and a large percentage of Victoria’s population lives in this metropolitan area.
  • The economy of Victoria is the second-largest contributor to the country’s economy. The major industries in this state that play a vital part in its economy are finance and insurance, agriculture, health care, information technology, education, etc.
  • There are nine universities in this state. Forty per cent of the enrolled students in the universities of Victoria are international students. This shows how significant education and international students are to this Australian state.
  • Victoria is also equipped with all the modern-day technology. The cities of this state provides the finest lifestyle, infrastructure, education and healthcare facilities anyone can dream off.
  • Tourism is another very important part of this state. Every year a large number of national and international tourist visit different parts of this state to explore its natural beauty and colourful culture.
  • The cities of this state are also considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world. They have safe and secure environment along with a culturally diverse society that lets you live on your own terms.

These were some facts about the Australian state Victoria. In this article, we will particularly talk about the pandemic situation in this state and how this state is reaching out to its international students in these difficult times.

International students in Victoria

Education contributes a large sum of revenue to Victoria’s economy. There are nine universities in Victoria in which more than 400,000 students are enrolled. Around forty per cent of this number are international students that are enrolled in different universities of Victoria. This shows how many students from around the world choose Victoria for higher education. And we would say that it’s a very good choice as Victoria has lots to offer in the department of education. The universities in Victoria has thousands of different courses to offer. But the students that are more interested in business, administration, economics and IT etc. choose Victoria as a preference for their educational career in any of these fields. Friendly environment and lower living cost than many other developed parts of the world makes it a favourite destination for international students who comes to Australia on student visa subclass 500

COVID19 situation in Victoria

From few previous months, the whole world is fighting coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic has disturbed the life of almost every one of this planet. Lockdowns and medical emergencies are observed almost all across the globe. Up till now coronavirus has claimed more than 200,000 lives and has affected the health of more than 3 million people. But the story doesn’t ends here coronavirus also has an adverse effect on words economy. People around the globe are facing unemployment and losses in their businesses. This situation is affecting the people on daily wages and part-time jobs the most.

The Australian state Victoria has 1300 confirmed cases of coronavirus this far. The state is taking every possible measure to prevent the further spreading of this virus. Let’s take a look at the measures it is taking

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What measures are taken by Victoria in this situation?

Like every other Australian state and territory, Victoria is also taking precautionary measures to limit the number of coronavirus cases. Some of them are given below

  • All the public places are being shut down. Many businesses, workplaces and educational institution are also closed or working on minimum. All this is done to maintain social distance to prevent the coronavirus.
  • Victoria has created an Emergency relief fund for international students to show that the authorities are with them at these difficult times.

What is emergency relief fund for international students?

International students are an important part of Victoria’s educational system and economy. A fund of around $45 million is allocated by this state to help the international students that are affected the most by the current circumstances. Important features of this fund are:

  • Under this emergency fund, international students will receive up to $1100 per student. this will help them get basic utilities and necessities of life There are around 40,000 international students enrolled in Victoria’s universities who have lost their employment due to current lockdowns.
  • There are also 150,000 international students in Victoria who are also eligible for Victoria’s rent relief program. Under which a subsidy of up to $2000 can be provided.

This is no doubt a very good initiative taken by Victoria’s government to reach out to their international students in these difficult times and help them pass through this pandemic situation. if you want any more information on it our migration agent in Melbourne can help you anytime you like.

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