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New Australian regional visas and how they are better than the older ones

Australia is one of the developed countries in the world and is striving to be number one in the world. To be at the top of the world is only possible with continuous progress and development in every field. This is why Australia is determined to excel in every field. Many Australian visas like 189 visa etc. allow skilled people from around the globe to come to Australia and be a part of its progress and development. This can also be considered as one of the greatest reasons behind Australia having the largest number of international migrants. Many people from around the world come to Australia in search of a better life and opportunities. Many of them settle down in Australian metropolitan cities for work or employment. Australian metropolitan has a very high rate of pollination growth due to this factor. The local population, as well as international migrant’s inhabitation, has contributed to the elevation in its population. These metropolitan areas are facing problems caused by high population density. This is why the Australian government is putting in all its efforts to develop the regional areas of Australia.

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of regional areas of Australia and the new visa subclasses that are introduced in this context.

Pros of regional areas of Australia

First, let’s make it clear that what comes under the regional Australia banner. According to new categorization, all the areas of Australia except Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra come in the regional category. This is a very good thing in a way that many major cities of Australia also come under the regional area tag. Here are some plus points of regional areas of Australia

  • It is an amazing opportunity for people from all around the world looking for work opportunities in Australia. They can now apply for regional visa subclasses and can live and work in cities like Perth and Gold Coast on the basis of these new visa subclasses. And enjoy the endless opportunities they have to offer in every context of life.
  • Regional areas of Australia have many ongoing new development projects. This implies new job prospects, employment opportunities and investment chances. So if someone is looking for any of these then Australian regional areas can be a very good option for them.
  • The living expenses in the regional part of Australia are much lesser if we compare them with metropolitan areas. One can enjoy the same facilities of life with a peaceful and beautiful environment on a much lower cost in the regional areas of Australia. These areas are also free of the problems faced by metropolitans due to high population density.
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What are these new regional visa subclasses?

There are two regional visa subclasses that are introduced at the end of the previous year. These subclasses have replaced two older ones. Let have a look at them and see what they offer.

Regional skilled visa subclass 491

This visa subclass is for someone who wants to work in regional areas of Australia. This visa permits its holder to come and live in regional areas of Australia for 5 years and work there. This visa subclass can also lead to Australian PR if one works for at least 3 years in regional Australia and satisfies other PR conditions.

Eligibility condition for 491 visas:

One has to fulfill the following conditions to be eligible for this visa

  • The applicant should be associated with an occupation that is listed in the relevant occupational list
  • Age of the person applying should not be more than 45 years.
  • Must get his or her skilled assessed by assessing authority and the result should be positive
  • Be nominated by the state.
  • Should get invited to apply for the visa

 Employer-sponsored skilled regional visa subclass 494

Employers in regional areas of Australia can recruit skilled individuals from abroad on the basis of subclass 494. This visa allows the sponsored employees to live and work in regional areas of Australia for 5 years.

Eligibility conditions for subclass 494 visa:

  • An eligible employer must sponsor the applicant for this visa
  • The age of the applicant must not be more than 45 years at the time of application
  • Occupation of the employee must belong to the relevant occupation list
  • Should have a positive skill assessment
  • Must satisfy all character and health requirements.

How these newer subclasses are better than the older ones?

These new visa subclasses have replaced some older ones and they are said to be better for than the older ones. Here are the few factors that show how they are better than before.

  • Hundreds of new occupations are added in the regional occupational list this means multiplied opportunities for people wishing to apply.
  • Regional visa holders can now enjoy health care program Medicare
  • More areas are added in regional categories big cities like Perth, Gold Coast, etc. are counted as the regional area now which means better work and educational opportunities along with big city lifestyle.

This was all about new visa subclasses and how they are better than the older ones they replaced. These new visa subclasses are no doubt presenting lots of bright prospects for the people wanting to make a move to Australia for good. This can also provide a good chance of Australian PR for you so if you want to avail of this chance you can consult our migration agent Melbourne who can help you anytime.

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