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Temporary visa holders and Australian travel restrictions and exemptions 

As we all know that the whole world is busy fighting a pandemic these days called the coronavirus. This virus started in December 2019 in a province of China and has spread through many parts of the world up till now. In these four months, the intensity of this pandemic has only grown. It’s a highly contagious virus that can easily transmit through touching, coughing and sneezing of an affected person. So the number of germ carrier is increasing with every passing day. A trend that has been seen in these past few months is that coronavirus is spreading more rapidly in developed countries. Many powerful countries like the US, UK, European countries, etc.  Are helpless in the situation caused due to this pandemic. Their highly developed and sophisticated medical and research facilities are still unable to find the solution to the problem in hand. The vaccine to this virus is yet to be found and till then no one is sure that when this chaos will come to an end.

Up to this date the coronavirus has claimed more than 150,000 lives and the number is still ascending. Millions of people are affected by this pandemic. But if we look at it with a different angle we will get to see that all residents on this planet are being affected by it in one way or another. I am stating this point keeping in mind the situation this pandemic has caused. All the activities are suspended like a business, education, trade, cooperate activities, social actives and so on. People are limited to their houses. One cannot travel according to his or her will. The major economies of the worlds are facing the biggest deficits of their history. So it’s not wrong to state that the whole life on this planet is somehow affected because of the coronavirus.

What are the present conditions in Australia due to this pandemic?

Australia is fighting this pandemic as a medical emergency. By adopting the precautionary measures at the right time, Australia has restricted the number of coronavirus cases. The situation in Australia is no so bad if we compare it to the other parts of the world. The current stats of coronavirus in Australia shows that there are around 6,000 cases and the number of casualties is 74. Some of the measures taken by the Australian government in this context are as under:

  • All the public places have been sealed including all the tourists attractions.
  • Educational institutes are also closed under the present situation. Businesses and cooperate activities are also minimized. Workplaces are also shut down encouraging people to work from home.
  • All the borders are sealed. This means that no one except the citizens and permanent residents can enter or leave Australia. It is mandatory for the people entering Australia to spend 14 days in quarantine.
  • It is also not allowed to enter certain territories of Australia so that they can be kept safe from the transmission of this virus.
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How is effected the most by this present situation?

This pandemic situation as effected the life of almost everyone around. But the people most affected by the situation this pandemic has caused are the one who works part-time or people on daily wages. As all the businesses around the world are closed or operating on their minimum this means that the employees attached with these businesses are either not paid or are getting less than they usually get. The Australian government has announced a relief package for such businesses and their employees by the name of job keeper package.

But this package does not provide any relief to international students on student visa subclass 500 or temporary visa holders residing in Australia. Most of the international students are depending upon their savings these days and so are the temporary visa holders.

What are the updates on travel restriction for Australian temporary visa holders?

As the Australian borders are sealed and no one can enter or leave the country except the Australian citizens and permanent residents. The immediate family that is the dependent child or spouse of an Australian national or Australian permanent resident is also exempted from this travel ban. But everyone entering Australia must undergo a mandatory quarantine for 14 days. There are some updates on temporary visas holders wanting to enter Australia. Let’s have a look at them

  • Temporary visa holder who has a very compelling reason to enter the country can be exempted from the travel ban. But he or she has to provide a valid reason and every such case will be evaluated individually.
  • Foreigners who are invited by the Australian government to help in the current pandemic situation are also allowed to enter the country
  • The supplies related to the current emergency supplies and air ambulances are also allowed to enter Australian border on a regular basis
  • Temporary visa holders who are associated with the occupation that is crucial at this time like health care etc. are also exempted from the ban
  • Other exemptions can also be provided on extraordinary situations and circumstance.

These were some updates on the Australian travel ban and who can be exempted from it. But it should also be kept in consideration that everyone entering Australia has to go through a compulsory quarantine period.

This is no doubt a difficult time for everyone but only with the right precautions and prevention we can fight this pandemic and can save our planet from its effects.

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