Graduate visa Subclass 476 and Engineering career

Skilled recognized graduate visa Subclass 476 and Engineering career

How studying in Australia has many benefits?

Australia is no doubt a new educational hub for international students looking for some place having a better system of education along with prestigious institutions. But how Australia has become the number one choice of international students? Let’s see how:

  • Australian educational system is one of the strongest education providers in the world. Even from the primary levels, it concentrates on enriching the minds of its students. Australian universities also come in the list of top-ranked universities on this planet. These universities are famous for providing high-quality education that can not only earn you a good degree but can also provide you with the best skills and knowledge that you can imply in your practical life.
  • The degree gained by Australian educational institutions are acknowledged, accepted and appreciated by all the firms around the world. These degrees are renowned and can give your career the head start it requires. So many students from different parts of the globe come to Australia on student visa subclass 500 to gain a degree that can repay them in the best manner.
  • Living and studying in Australia can be very affordable if we compare it with other countries providing the same standard of education. This is also a very vital reason behind Australia being the favorite destination for international students. Moreover, the part-time work is allowed under an Australian student visa that helps the student greatly in supporting their living and tuition expenses while living in Australia.
  • Living in Australia is a joy itself. Imagine studying on a campus that is located only a few minutes away from a beautiful beach or studying in a city that has many tourist attractions along with a vibrant culture and art scene. This will be like a dream for many. One can enjoy and experience all this while living and studying in Australia only.
  • Australia is also a very safe, secure and friendly place to live. Most of its cities are listed as the topmost livable cities in the world. So why not start your study career in a place that has a beautiful and peaceful environment where one can live according to his or her own terms and practice the norms without any social pressures?

These were some perks of living and studying in Australia. Now, let’s have a look at the career choices that can prove to very fruitful for one’s career.

How to choose a career line in Australia?

There are many important factors that play a vital role in choosing one’s career. Some of these factors are:

  • The first step in choosing a career line is to consider your own passion and will. As we all know that one performs the best in the things he or she wants to good in life or are passionate about. So the number one step should be your preference or inclination towards a particular profession.
  • After it comes to the trends of the market and the world. A career ultimately is the primary source to earn a livelihood so it’s very important to consider the current trends of the market in which you are intended to build your career. This can be very helpful in choosing a career line that can benefit you in the future
  • Choosing the right profession is a very significant step this is why it’s always recommended to get career consoling at this point. It really helps the people in a dilemma to choose the better option.

How is engineering as a career choice in Australia for international students?

Every industry around the world requires engineers at many stages of their operation. A similar condition is in Australia. Engineering is a profession that is in high demand in Australia. Irrespective of any engineering line one can choose he or she will have great prospects in Australia. International students studying engineering from Australia have better prospects of starting their career in Australia than many other occupations. This is because Australia has a dynamic economy and many mega industries contribute to its economy, all these industries have development projects that require engineers all the time. So if you are an international student in Australia unsure about your career line, you can choose to engineer and take the first step towards bright prospects in Australia.

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Which visas can help you start your engineering career after studies in Australia?

There are many skilled visas that can help a talented and skilled individual to work in Australia. But if you are a recent engineering graduate from an Australian institution, the following of the two visas can help you work and live in Australia after graduating from Australia.

Skilled recognized graduate visa subclass 476

The Visa subclass 476 is a graduate visa subclass that allows the recent engineering graduate from specific institutes of Australia to live and work in Australia for a temporary period. Usually, this visa is granted for 18 months.

Temporary graduate visa subclass 485

This visa subclass is for a recent international graduate from an Australian institution. This subclass allows its holder to live and work in Australia for a temporary period. The time granted under this visa varies from its stream to stream.

This was all about engineering and how this profession can open new doors for you in Australia. If you want any more information about it or any Australian visa then please contact our team at The Migration


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