Is your Australian visa Expiring soon? The new stream of subclass 408 might help you in this pandemic situation

As the world is busy fighting pandemic COVID-19 for the past few months. This pandemic has reached many parts of the planet and there are only a few lucky countries who are still safe from this virus. Coronavirus started from a Chinese province Wuhan but now it has affected many parts of the world. It’s spreading very fast in many significant parts of the world like America, Europe, the UK, etc. the number of virus carriers is multiplying on daily basis and the rate of casualties is also accelerating. This pandemic has affected the health of more than a million people around the globe and still, the situation is out of hands. It has also claimed more than 80,000 lives.

Pandemics usually does not affect the health of the people only but also disturb the pace of life for everyone. Past pandemic has proved that too and the current pandemic coronavirus is doing that too. Apart from affecting the health of millions of people, it is also affecting life on this planet itself. Let’s see how:

  • Many major cities around the globe have been entirely shut down. Some of them are on curfews and some on lockdowns. No activity whatsoever is happening around these cities. This is no doubt creating lots of problems for people like a shortage of food and necessities of life for those who do not have enough resources to stock things beforehand. Also, it’s getting difficult to reach medical facilities in case of emergency.
  • Educational institutions, offices, workplaces, and businesses have been shut down. The businesses still working are operating on their minimum capacity. This has given the economy of the world a great major setback. Industries and cooperates around the globe are facing the worst deficits of all the time. Employees are losing their jobs. People on daily wages and part-time jobs are completely unemployed and it’s getting difficult with every passing day for them to survive.
  • Borders are being sealed which implies no one enters or leaves the country they are currently residing in. also, this indicates the fact that no trade and import/export activity can be conducted in present times. Which is causing another big problem

How is the pandemic situation in Australia?

Australia, like every other country, is doing everything possible to fight this pandemic situation. Many measures have been taken to fight and prevent coronavirus. There are currently 6,104 cases in Australia and the total number of deaths is 51. Australia has taken many precautionary measures to prevent further spreading of this virus. Some of these measures are given below

  • Australia has put a travel ban and has made the conditions of entering and exiting the country very strict. Only Australian citizens and permanent residents can enter or exit the country but anyone of them who enters the country has to self-isolate for 15 days. The spouse and dependent children of citizens and permanent residents are also allowed to enter Australia on self-isolating conditions.
  • Educational institutions, offices, and other business activities are also shut down for the past few weeks and the situation seems to remain the same. The closure of all these activities will stop the coronavirus to transmit more by social distancing and self-isolation.
  • Australia has announced a relief package by the name of job keeper payment program that will help the businesses and employees who are affected the most by the current pandemic situation. This will help the Australian citizens, permanent residents and the people on protection visas or permanent visas in Australia.
  • There is a new stream of subclass 405 visa is introduced which will help the people on a temporary visa which is expiring soon. This will help them to stay a little longer in Australia if they satisfy certain conditions. This will help the people living in Australia on temporary visas.

All these measures are helping big time in the prevention of more cases of coronavirus. This is the reason why Australia still has a limited number of affected people.

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Now we will talk about the new stream of subclass 408 introduced in the wake of pandemic coronavirus.

A new stream of subclass 408 visa for the current pandemic situation

A subclass 408 visa is a temporary activity visa that allows a person to come to Australia for a specific piece of work on a temporary period. This visa has some streams that are for different categories of work like religious activity, training, sporting, culture and social activities, research, etc.

Keeping in mind the current circumstances caused by coronavirus pandemic, recently a new stream of this visa is introduced that is COVID-19 pandemic temporary activity visa. Under this new stream, people on temporary visas whose visas are close to expiry can apply for subclass 405 if they satisfy certain conditions.

What are the conditions for this new stream of visa subclass 405?

To apply for the COVID-19 pandemic temporary activity stream of a subclass 405 visa, one must be on a temporary visa in Australia that is expiring soon (in 28 days or less). Also, the temporary visa holder is unable to return to his or her homeland and to get another temporary visa except 408. With that, he or she should be currently working in one of the critical departments that are given below

  • Agriculture
  • Aged care
  • Health sector

The backpackers on the 2nd or 3rd working holiday visa working in these critical sectors and are unable to return to their home country can also apply for this new stream of 405 visas.

This was all about the new stream of subclass 405. If you have any other questions about this visa stream or any other visa like subclass 482family visa Australia, etc. you can always contact our certified agent at The Migration.

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