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Are You a Skilled Person? See How Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa can Help You in Australia

Australia always requires skilled individuals in different sectors. The demand for skilled manpower cannot always be filled by Australian skilled workers only this is why talented people from around the globe are encouraged to join the Australian workforce. This has benefits for both the parties that are the Australian economy and the international skilled people. Let see how it benefits both:

  • There are some jobs in Australia for which the right talent is not always present in Australia. This is why it has to invite people from abroad. This helps the Australian companies to acquire the right talent for their job companies that can lead to better productivity and economic growth.
  • Many people from around the world want to make a move to Australia. But due to limited numbers of visas granted it is not always possible for everyone to make this wish a reality. Skilled visas provide a chance for skilled people to pursue their Australian visa dreams.
  • Australia has better living standards than many other countries in the world. It provides a better lifestyle and a secure environment that everyone wants in his or her life. This makes Australia one of the most favorite places among international migrants.
  • Quality education and advanced health care facilities are also some of the major attractions in Australia. These facilities can make a big change in a person’s life. So many people opt for Australian skilled visa for facilities like education, health facilities, better housing, etc.
  • Australia is trying to be on the top of the world’s economy and business. To make its pace of development faster it requires skilled and talented people in every field of life. These people can help Australia grow in every aspect. This is how skilled people coming from overseas Australia can contribute towards its socio-economic growth.

These were some points showing how skilled visas help both Australia and skilled people coming from different parts of the world. In this article, we will talk about an employer-sponsored skilled visa called the temporary skilled visa subclass 482. This visa has its very own significance in Australian immigration scene and many people opt for it every year and start their journey towards Australian PR

A little about temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482

This visa is a very important and significant temporary Australian visa. This visa has three streams that have their unique occupational lists and requirements. Hundreds of occupations are listed in those occupational lists that gives one a better chance or probability.

This visa allows an Australian employer to recruit skilled people from overseas. These sponsored skilled people can come and work in Australia for a temporary period. But at first, the sponsor should not be able to find a suitable candidate for the job he or she is offering in Australian markets.

What are the basic requirements of subclass 482?

The eligibility criteria for subclass 482 may differ for its different streams but some basic requirements are almost the same for every stream. These requirements are as follow

  • The applicant should be an adequate qualification in the required field
  • Must be sponsored by an eligible
  • Should have at least two years of work experience in a related occupation
  • Should have their skill assessed by the relevant authorities
  • The applicant’s skill assessment’s result should be positive
  • Applicant must have enough English language skills according to the stream one is applying for

These were some conditions or requirements for subclass 482. These conditions can change sometimes for the labor agreement stream

What are the streams of the subclass 482 visa?

Subclass 482 has the following three streams

Short-term stream

This stream is for skilled people related to the occupations listed in the short-term occupational list. Under this stream. The sponsored employees can live and work in Australia on this visa for 2-4 years.

Medium-term stream

In this stream, skilled people related to occupations listed in the medium and long-term occupational list can apply. The sponsored employees can live and work in Australia for up to 4 years.

Labor agreement stream

This stream is for employers who are in an ongoing labor agreement with the government. This allows the employer to sponsor employees as per the terms of the labor agreement.

How subclass 482 visas can benefit you in Australia?

Temporary skill shortage visa can let you come, live and work in Australia for up to 4 years. In this time one can enjoy the living facilities and opportunities Australia has to offer. Employment in Australia provides you greater chances of gaining experience in an Australian work environment. One can also make contacts in the local markets. Also, this time can be used to learn about Australian permanent visas and how you can get one.

This was all about subclass 482. This is no doubt a temporary visa but it can also prove to be the first step towards Australian PR. For that, one must be updated about all the new happenings and Australian immigration scene and should have a thoroughh knowledge about the opportunities that can lead to PR. The Migration is a registered company that can help you in this case. Our team of best migration agents in Australia can help you know more the opportunities, visa processes and can also keep you updated with all the new buzz. So if you have any queries or question our migration agent Melbourne can help you in every way.

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