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All the Details of “Jobkeeper Payment” Relief Package

As we all know that the whole world is under a state of emergency and is in panic mode due to pandemic coronavirus. This virus has claimed more than 50,000 lives all around the planet and the number of people infected by this virus is around 1 million now. But the story does not stop here. As there is still no vaccine present for coronavirus more people are expected to be affected by it.

Another very significant destruction made by this virus is that it has caused a major downfall to the economies of many countries. There are many aspects of the major deficits caused by the novel coronavirus. Some of them are stated as under:

  • Businesses and cooperate activities are shutdown all around us. The open businesses are operating at their minimum. This is done to avoid exposing masses to the infected ones. But also this has caused some serious damages to the economy of every country
  • Many densely populated cities around the globe are completely locked down as to maintain social distancing and as a prevention from further spreading of this pandemic. People are advised to stay in their houses. Many people are working from home but still, there is a large sum of people who works on daily wages or part-time jobs. For them, closure of the business is equal to being unemployed. It’s getting difficult for them to pay for rents and daily utilities with every passing day
  • Borders are sealed so one trading is possible in present times. People and businesses associated with trading are also deeply affected by this and many import/export activities are suspended due to the current situation
  • Tourism is also another industry that is completely crushed under present circumstances.

Almost all the major tourist sites on the planets are closed and people are not allowed or advised to go out anywhere in groups.

All these factors have given a big blow to the global economy.

What are the impact of coronavirus on Australia and who is affected the most by it?

Australia is a significant economy in the world and is at the forefront of many fields so its economy is also affected by this pandemic as well as the situation of the world’s economy. Every sector of life in Australia has an impact on it due to this virus but the sector that is affected the most is the people on part-time jobs and daily wages. These people do not have any source of income with the closure of businesses. As the situation is still not clear that till when things will get back to normal so the survival of people who works part-time and on daily wages is getting difficult.

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What is the “jobkeeper payment” package?

Australian government as announced a relief package to those whose businesses and finances have been affected the most by the pandemic coronavirus. This will support them to go through these tough times. Under this package, every employer whose business is affected badly due to coronavirus will receive $1500 per employee for a fortnight. This is also applicable for the self-employed people.

Who is eligible for a jobkeeper payment package?

Job keeper payment package have eligibility conditions for both employer and employees lets have a look at them:-


Following are the eligible candidates for this package:

  • One must have a business whose turnover is less than one billion dollar and under the current situation it has fallen by at least 30%.
  • Or should own a business with a turnover of more than one billion dollars that has fallen by at least 50 % due to present circumstances.


Following are the eligible employee candidates for the subsidy package:

  • Must be a current employee. Stood down and rehired are also eligible
  • Should be working full time, part-time or casual (long term) for at least the past 12 months.
  • The applicant should be an Australian citizen or a holder of an Australian permanent visa
  • The holder to protected special category visa, non-protected special category visa living for at least past 10 years in Australia or a special category visa subclass 444 are also eligible for the jobkeeper payment package.

Application process

Following are some important points about the application process of this visa:

  • Eligible candidates for this package can apply through Australian taxation office from 30th March 2020
  • One can apply for this package online
  • The payments are expected to be received in the first week of May 2020 from the Australian taxation office.
  • Eligible employer will be needed to provide adequate evidence of providing the employees with at least $1500 per fortnight and monthly reports will be demanded
  • Self-employed people can also register through the Australian taxation office and have to provide all the information required like ABN number, fax number, etc. there.

These were some important facts about the jobkeeper package. This package no doubt has brought relief for Australian citizens and permanent residents. But it brings no good news for international students in Australia on student visa subclass 500 or temporary visas like subclass 482 etc. holders.

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