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Professions that can Land You One of an Australian General Skill Migration Visa

Australia has tons of opportunities for people who have the skill and a will to work hard. Australian thriving economy needs a great number of skilled people every day so that it can accelerate its pace. This is why the Australia immigration system provides a general skill migration category that has many visas for skilled individuals from all over the planet. This visa category is also very useful for skilled people waiting for their chances on the way that can get the Australian PR. but why would one want to move to Australia? What is this thing in Australia that attracts people from all over the globe?

 The answer to these questions is really simple. Everyone wants a place to live that has all the modern facilities of life along with the opportunities to make his or her life better. Moreover, security and safety are for oneself, and one’s family is a priority for everyone. Australia provides all these things in one place it has a peaceful environment, a safe and secure society and a great lifestyle that is equipped with every modern amenity. This is why many people around the world who dream of a better life choose Australia. In this article, we will talk about the general skill migration visa and what falls in this category and also the professions that are most in-demand in Australia.

What is a general skilled migration visa and what comes under its umbrella?

A general skilled migration visa is a visa category that contains visas that allow skilled people from all over the world to come to Australia. Let’s talk about some visas that lie in this category.

Skilled independent visa subclass 189

First and foremost visa subclass that lies in this category and is very famous among all the visas in the GSM category is a skilled independent visa 189. This visa allows its holder to migrate to Australia permanently. One doesn’t need any sponsorship or nomination for subclass 189.

What can you do with this visa?

  • Move to Australia permanently
  • Live, study and work in Australia
  • Get medical benefits
  • Enjoy old-age benefits
  • One can also sponsor other family members to Australia

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190

This visa is for the skilled people who get nominated by an Australian state. To get the nomination, one must belong to a profession that is listed in the occupational list of that particular state. Every state publishes its own occupational according to its own needs.

What can you do with this visa?

  • This is also a permanent visa that allows you to live in Australia permanently
  • Live, study and work in Australia
  • Get medical benefits
  • Enjoy old-age benefits
  • One can also sponsor other family members to Australia

Regional skilled visa subclass 491

This visa is for someone who is skilled and wants to work in regional areas of Australia for 5 years. For this visa, one must belong to one of the occupations that are listed in the regional occupational list. This visa is for 5 years but also provides a way to Australian PR after working for 3 years in regional Australia.

What can you do with this visa?

  • This visa allows one to live in Australia for 5 years
  • Work and study in regional Australia
  • Enjoy Medicare program benefits
  • One can also include other family members in this visa

What professions are in most demand in Australia?

Here are the topmost professions that were in most demand in 2019-2020:


Australian medical system is famous all around the globe. There are many states of the art hospitals and medical centers present in every big or small area of the country. The nursing program in Australia is also very famous and the country takes pride in it. This is why Australia is always in need of registered nurses who can join the fleet and can work towards the betterment of the medical system in the country.

Software and application programmers

IT industry has taken over all the world and also in Australia the IT industry has a special place. Every company and business around the country needs IT professionals who can develop and run their IT system. This is the reason behind the high demand for software and application programmers in Australia.

Construction managers

There are always some development projects going around Australia. Which requires construction managers that can supervise the construction activities and manage the tasks on the construction sites. So if you are related to construction this can be a very good opportunity for you


Mega development projects always require talented engineers. Any development project is impossible without engineers. Many Australian industries seek talented engineers but the high demand for this profession cannot be fulfilled by Australian local markets only this is why people from overseas who are related to the field of engineering are encouraged to come to Australia.


Many programs are also offered in this field that allows the people coming from overseas to get an experience of an accounting Australian workspace before seeking an actual job. The stats of this year shows that skilled people related to accountancy are also in high demand in Australia.

This was all about general skilled migration visas and some of the professions that help you get Australian skilled visa. If you want any more information on it or any other Australian visa type our best immigration agent in Sydney can help you


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