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How New Regional Visas can Make Your Australian PR Dream Come True

Australian metropolitan areas come in the list of most significant cities in the world. These cities offer so many opportunities for people not just living in Australia but from all over the world. Being the financial and economic hubs of the country these metropolitan areas have many firms related to all the significant industries and this is how they contribute a large sum of revenue to the national economy. These metro cities also have every modern facility of life that everyone wants in his or her life but there are some serious drawbacks of living in a metropolitan city. So of them are given below

  • Australian metropolitan cities are flooded with people that include the residents also the people from other regions of Australia and then the migrants. All this makes metropolitan cities densely populated. Being densely populated causes so many problems. One of the most significant problems is inflation. The major cities of Australia are considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. Which makes it very difficult to maintain a certain standard of living.
  • A higher population means lesser living space. Major cities of Australia are facing the problem of not having enough space to accommodate the growing population. With the current rate of population growth, it is expected that shortly there won’t be any further space to accommodate more growth.
  • These buzzing cities also cause many damages to the environment. People living in these major cities cannot enjoy the real essence of nature that Australia has to offer. Many residents of the metropolitan areas are affected by noise and air pollution that may cause serious issues with time.
  • Major cities no doubt offer so many opportunities but to avail of these opportunities, one has to face a strong completion. Due to the high population in these cities, there are so many candidates for a single employment opening. This is why unemployment is expected to be one of the most worrisome problems for metropolitan areas in the coming time.

These are some serious issues that metropolitan areas of Australia are facing and with every passing day, the intensity of these issues is increasing. To help with these problems, the Australian government has taken a very big step and that is the development of its regional areas. There are many steps taken in this context. Let’s take a look at them

Measures were taken for the development of regional areas

Some many important decisions and developments have been made for the progress of regional areas. Listed below are some of them

Categorization of regional areas

Many major cities in Australia are also categorized as regional areas, for example, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, etc. this opens doors to bright prospects for many people as these cities have so many positive things to offer for everyone. Some of these are:

  • Good work and employment opportunities
  • Modern and better lifestyle
  • Developed infrastructure and modern housing
  • All the modern era amenities
  • Quality education from some of the leading institutions of Australia
  • Best health care facilities
  • Relaxed and beautiful environment.

Development projects

The Australian government has started many mega projects in regional areas. This means new opportunities for people belonging to different fields. Also, these projects will lead to the prosperity of these areas and will also help in the population growth in regional Australia. Many leading businesses of the country are also encouraged to invest in provincial areas of the country.

New regional visas

For the development of regional areas, another significant step has also been taken. This includes the introduction of two new subclasses that will take over the older one. These new visa subclasses are as below

  • Skilled Regional visa subclass 491

This visa subclass is for skilled people who wish to come and work in regional Australia. The time-duration granted under this visa is 5 years. This visa also has a way to Australian PR if certain conditions are fulfilled.

To be eligible to apply for this visa one must belong to a profession listed in the relevant occupational list. Also, one should not be more than 45 years in age and must be English competent.

  • Employer-sponsored regional visa subclass 494

This visa allows the eligible employer from regional Australia to recruit a talented individual from overseas Australia to do a particular job. But for this visa employer has to fulfill a condition first and that is he or she should not be able to find a suitable person for that particular job in local Australian markets.

To be eligible for this visa you must have a sponsorship from an eligible employer. Also, your profession must lie in the relevant occupational list. Age limits also apply.

How can regional visas provide a PR pathway?

These new regional visa subclasses have special PR pathways. The holder of a regional visa can apply for Australian PR if he or she has worked for 3 years in the relevant field in the regional areas of the country. So if you are looking for a chance to get Australian PR, regional visas can prove to be a good opportunity for you.

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