Exemption From Work- Hours Limits For the International Students in Some Sectors Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Many countries around the globe are busy fighting with the pandemic coronavirus which is spreading with multiplied speed. Prevention and measures have been taken by the countries facing this problem to prevent the further transmission of this virus. Some measures taken by most of the countries around the world are:

  • Many countries have closed their borders to prevent the entrance of more people who might be infected from the virus. Originally the restriction was on the people traveling from the countries that were at the most risk but considering the current global situation many countries have sealed their borders for the foreigners.
  • Social distancing is also another useful measure that every country around the world is stressing on. People are advised to stay at home and do not come out of their houses without necessity. Lesser social interactions will hopefully lead to a lesser chance of virus transmission.
  • All the important public places and tourist sites are closed for visitors all around the planet. Usually, these famous places are flooded with tourists and visitors that can multiply the virus carriers in no time so to avoid such kind of situations all tourists’ sites have been shut down.
  • As a prevention from coronavirus interaction, many schools and workplaces have been temporarily closed in many cities around the world. Many people are opting to work from home. Similarly, many educational systems have been also been giving classes and tasks online.

These were some important measure that has been taken by many countries to avoid further spreading of this epidemic. But still, there is a situation of panic everywhere as mankind still doesn’t have an effective vaccine to fight with this pandemic.

What are the problems faced by Australia due to this pandemic?

Like every other country, Australia is also putting its maximum efforts in fighting with this pandemic. But there is no doubt that pandemic coronavirus has also created tons of problems. Some significant problems are given below:

  • Australia is facing a very big economic slump. Economies all around the globe are down due to this pandemic and Australia being one of the significant parts of global economics is also facing the Backlash. Many production units and business have suspended their activities that are creating a very big deficit for the country. Also, the tourism industry that earns a great amount of revenue has also been completely crushed under present conditions.
  • The health sector of the country, like in every other part of the world, is in a state of emergency. They are facing many problems at different levels like shortage of staff, isolating the virus carriers, preventing other patients from the virus, taking special care of the aged patients and the children and many other similar problems.
  • The people on daily wages are affected by this pandemic the most. Closure of all the business and economic activities around the country has made it very difficult for them to earn their living and survive through this difficult time.
  • Many of the migrants and international students that come to Australia on different temporary visas like student visa subclass 500subclass 482, etc. are also stuck in their origin countries and are unable to perform their jobs or to attend their courses in Australia.

How’s Australia dealing with these problems?

Australia is putting in maximum amounts of effort in handling the situation caused by a coronavirus. The Australian government has announced a relief package that will help the people whose lives are affected the most by this pandemic. Also, many important steps have been taken problems faced by the health care sector of the country by recruiting new staff members and health care providers. Many firms around the country are working online that is keeping the operation of the companies going. Many educational institutions are engaging their international students through online classes that minimize their losses.

Students working in what sectors are exempted from work-hours limits?

There has been a shortage of manpower in some sectors due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Australian government is trying its best to compensate for this shortage by recruiting people. In this context, it has also been announced that the international students who are working in the supermarkets’ department of aged health care sectors can now work full time. Usually, the international students are allowed to work part-time that is 40 hours maximum per fortnight. But under the present circumstances, international students enrolled in nursing courses and working in aged care departments are allowed to give more hours. As the aged people are more at the risk from the coronavirus then the younger people with better immune systems. But the international students in Australia working in other sectors then this is advised to work for the regular hours.

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