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What does the ACT invitation round result of this month infer

Australia is a place that can have opportunities for people belonging to any occupations or fields. As Australia is developing at a very fast pace so it needs people who have skills and talent and can help it in its development process. This is why it invites talented people from all around the globe to come to Australia and use their skills and talent from the development of Australia. But why should a person move to Australia? What are the advantages for him or her in Australia?

Following points will answer these questions

  • Australia has many facilities that only a few countries on this globe have. For people who want to enjoy a better lifestyle, modern housing facilities, developed infrastructure, best health-care programs and every other facility in life Australia is a very good option.
  • It has many significant industries that contribute towards its economic growth these industries provide many openings for employment and work. Many talents around the world go wasted due to the lack of opportunities and employment chances. But if you have the right skills and are talented in your field then Australia can have bright prospects for you.
  • The Australian education system is famous all around the planet due to its high-class education. Its institutes offer thousands of courses in various disciplines. Completing a course and earning a degree from an institute in Australia can give a major boost to your educational career. The Australian government also provides many grants and scholarships to bright international students so that acquiring education from Australia can be made easier for them. Moreover, the cost of education in Australia is much less than in other developed countries. So for anyone who wants to earn a world-class degree at an affordable cost Australia is the right place for you.
  • Everyone wants or dreams to live in a place that is safe for himself and his family. Australia has a very low crime rate that makes it a safe and secure place to live. Moreover, the Australian population consists of people from hundreds of different cultures. These people from different origins are living together with harmony and peace for ages this indicates the high tolerance and acceptance in its society.

These are some points that show how Australia is a very favorable place for people wanting to move somewhere for better opportunities. The Australia immigration system has many visas that can help a skilled person to move to Australia both on a temporary or permanent basis.

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What does the Australian Capital Territory invitation round of this month infer?

Every state in Australia has its requirements when it comes to the occupation. The need for skilled people varies from state to state. Some Australian states or territories have different industries than others so their need for individuals belonging to specified occupations is also different. To declare the occupations they need skilled individuals in, every state publishes a list. People belonging to these occupations can submit their expression of interest through skill select round. The result of this month’s skill select round for the Australian Capital Territory is as following.

In this skill select round, 110 invitations were issued subclass 190 and 131 invites were issued under subclass 491. All the candidates who bagged an invitation can apply for the relevant visa.

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190

Every state in Australia has a certain requirement when it comes to skilled individuals in a certain occupation. This is why every state publishes a list that contains the occupation for which it needs skilled manpower. Anyone belongs to one of those occupations can submit an expression of interest for a nominated skilled visa and the ones who get invited can apply for this visa. This visa subclass allows one to come to Australia and live, work and study there permanently.

Regional skilled visa subclass 491

This visa subclass is for regional Australia. To develop the regional areas of Australia that have less population and progress than the metropolitan areas of Australia, the Australian government has introduced new visa subclasses. One of them is subclass 491. This visa subclass is for someone who wants to come to regional or provisional areas of Australia for 5 years for working there. This new visa subclass also provides a very good pathway to permanent residency. One can also apply for Australian permanent residency if he completes 3 years living and working in only regional areas of Australia.

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