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Australian Training Visa Subclass 407 and How it can Benefit Your Career

A student learns quite a lot in his educational career. The courses offered in educational institutions can provide a student with a knowledge of his or her occupation. This knowledge can help a student to make a strong foundation of his or her professional career and can always help them in their professional life. But there is another thing that is vital for someone’s career and that is a real-life experience.

One cannot learn about the challenges and problems that one usually has to face in practice. These real-life challenges are quite different from the situations we study in books. This is because every country, every place, and every occupation has its own workplace culture. The style of working and communicating in the work-place of one occupation might vary from the environment in other occupations. To learn but all these norms, culture and work ethics of an occupation’s work-place one needs to have real experience of these work-spaces. In this context, the Australian immigration system offers some visas that help a person to train and gain experience in real work environments. It helps a person to sharpen his or her skills and also gain some experience. In this article, we will talk about such a visa and all the information one needs about it.

What is a training visa subclass 407?

For getting occupational training in Australia there is a visa subclass offered that is known as subclass 407. This visa helps one to come to Australia or stay in Australia for improving one’s skill and to get a better experience in one’s occupation.

This visa allows its holder to come to or stay in Australia for completing a workplace-training or professional development training programs in an applicant’s current occupation. One can stay in Australia under this visa for 2 years.

What are the different types of occupational training?

There are different types of training for which this visa is allocated. In this section, we will discuss the types of training to know more about them.

These different types of training are given below:

Occupational training for registration

This type of training involves work-place or in-field training for an occupation. This training is mandatory for getting registration or licensing for a particular occupation in Australia or an applicant’s home country.

Undergoing this training can help an applicant to earn a license or registration in one’s occupation that can help him or her to work in future

Training to improve skills and talent in an occupation

Classroom studies no doubt provides you a good knowledge about the occupation but it cannot teach you about the challenges you are going to face in your practical life. This is because all occupations have different work-place environment also the culture of a work-place varies from firm to firm. This is why it is very important to improve one’s knowledge of occupation by having real-life experience in its field.

This type of training helps an applicant to improve his or her skills by undergoing a real work-place experience. The training program should be as following.

  • It should be specifically designed in for the training needs of the applicant
  • The training must be related to the applicant’s occupation

Overseas training

This training has the following three sub-divisions. Which are given as following.

Overseas qualification

  1. This training is specially designed for the professional needs a student who is in one of the following situations
  • Currently studying in a foreign educational institution
  • Acquire training for completing a research program or a degree
  1. Government support

This is a work-place based training to sharpen one’s skill in his or her occupation with the help of Australian government institutions in one’s home country.

  1. Professional training

This is a training program design in such a way that it helps a person to adjust his or her skill set according to the needs of a particular organization.


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What can one do with this visa?

This visa entitles you to do the following things

  • With this visa, you can come to Australia or stay in Australia for up to two years
  • Can complete a work-place based training in Australia
  • Under this visa one can travel to and from Australia as many times he or she likes
  • One can add other family members in this visa

What are the conditions to be satisfied for this visa?

One has to fulfill the following conditions for applying for this visa

  • The applicant needs to be sponsored an eligible employer
  • Must be nominated to undergo any of the three types of training discussed above by the relevant authorities
  • The age of the applicant should be greater than 18 years
  • Must satisfy all health and character requirements
  • Should know functional English
  • Must have an intention on staying in Australia temporarily

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