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Australia at the Risk of Losing Chinese International Students and Tourists Due to Travel Ban

The novel coronavirus is the talk of the town everywhere you go. It has started from Chinese province Hubei but very soon many parts of the world got affected by it. It is known to be a highly contiguous virus and can even spread through sneezing and touching. Many casualties have occurred due to this virus. According to new statistics 79,500 people are affected by this virus globally in which 77,152 cases are reported in China alone. The death toll has reached to 2629. As the virus is still not contained in the Chinese province it was started in and the people are still been affected by it in different parts of the world, some countries have put a temporary ban on traveling from china. Australia is one of these countries. There are few cases of coronavirus in Australia that are been taken care of in highly trained medical facilities. To avoid more exposure to the virus and to limit the number of cases to the present number in Australia, Australia has put this travel ban.

This travel ban is creating problems not just for Chinese people but is also affecting Australia in many ways. China is a massive economy and is a very big contributor to the world’s economy. This calamity in china is effecting different economies of the world in many aspects. In this article, we will talk about how the coronavirus and the travel ban due to it is affecting Australia.

What are the important points about china travel ban?

Due to the epidemic novel coronavirus, the Australian immigration department has put some travel restrictions on people traveling from mainland China. Important things to know about these restrictions are given below

Australia will not permit entry to people who are coming from mainland China irrespective of their nationality only with the exemption of the following

  • Australian nationals
  • Australian permanent residents
  • Eligible New Zealand citizens living in Australia
  • The family members of an Australian citizen or Australian permanent residents like a child, spouse or guardians

All the foreign citizens who have visited china and has left china are also not permitted to enter Australia before the completion of 14 days period after leaving china.

These conditions are also for the people who are only transiting through Australia.

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Chinese students enrolled in Australian institutions

For a student from outside Australia who wishes to study in Australia, it is mandatory to get a student visa subclass 500. This visa enables them to live in Australia through the period in which they are enrolled in an eligible course in Australia. This visa also allows the student to come and go from Australia at their own will. A huge amount of international students come to Australia every year. This creates a large revenue for the Australian educational system. This is why each of these foreign students is very important for the Australian educational system.

There are around 100,000 students from China who are enrolled in Australian institutions this year. This is no doubt a very large flux of students. Due to the travel ban on china, all these students are unable to start their university education in Australia and are stuck in china for an indefinite time. This is creating many problems both for Australia and Chinese students. According to a new survey, Australia is at the risk of losing many students who are unable to start their studies due to this ban. Around one-third of these students want to quit Australian institutions and want to start some place else.

This will be no doubt a big blow for the Australian economy after all the deficits made by the bushfire. Some Australian institutions are taking some serious measures to avoid these problems. Some institutions are offering money to compensate for the loss and travel costs. While some are also providing online classes for students in china so that they don’t miss the course work.

Chinese tourists in Australia

Very year a large sum to tourists visit Australia on visitor visa subclass 600. This visa allows the visitor from outside Australia to come to Australia on the purpose of visiting friends and family or as a tourist for a temporary period.

In the previous year, around 9.5 million visitors visited Australia and around 1.44 million those visitors came from China. This makes china as the largest contributor to Australia’s tourism. After the coronavirus, the travel ban on china has cost real distress for the Australian tourism industry. Many flights and reservations made by people coming from china have been rescheduled and canceled. The extended travel ban has already made a big loss for tourism in the country and is expected to cause more trouble.


This is no doubt a very devastating situation for both China and Australia and we hope that these problems can be resolved soon. If you want to learn more about the travel ban and its effect on international students and tourists you can consult The Migration. It is a certified visa consultancy company that can help you with all your visa-related issues. So if anything about student visa, Australian visit visa, family visa Australia or any other visa type is being a problem for you then don’t forget to give us a call. Our registered migration agents can help you in every way possible.

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