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Perks of Studying in Regional Australia for International Students

Development of Regional Australia is a hot topic in the Australian immigration scene. Everyone is considering it as a new chapter for international migration in Australia. For the development of regional areas, many important measures are being taken some of these important measures are given below.

  • As regional areas of the country are scarcely populated so they don’t have many employment opportunities that bound the skilled people to move to cities for better work options. This changed now by creating many new work opportunities in regional areas of Australia that will not only attract the local skilled people but also will be a source of attraction for international migrants.
  • Many developed businesses are encouraged to start or invest in new business projects. These new ventures will produce a lot of jobs and work opportunities.
  • Two new visa subclasses are also introduced by the Australian government. Which makes it simpler than before for international migrants to come to regional Australia and work there. These skilled migrants will also help in filling the void of talent in regional Australia.
  • Many perks are given to international students who get their qualifications from institutions in regional Australia. This will attract a large number of students from all around the globe to institutions in provisional Australia for quality education and additional benefits.

In this article, we will talk about the additional advantages international students can get by studying in regional Australia.

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Which visas help international students to study in Australia and after that?

Following are the visa that allows the international students to study in Australia and stay and work in Australia after that

Student visa subclass 500

This visa is for the students who want to study an eligible course in Australia. This visa allows an international student to come, live and study in Australia and stay there until the completion of their course.

What can one do with this visa?

This visa allows you to do the following things

  • To study in Australia
  • Work part-time in Australia (40 hrs. in 15 days at maximum)
  • Travel wherever and whenever one wants

Temporary graduate visa subclass 485

What are the options for an international student who has completed his or her studies from an Australian institution and wants to gain some work experience in Australia in their related field? This is a very famous question asked by many international students. Australian government offers visas to address these issues.

A temporary graduate is an answer to this question. This is a visa granted for a temporary period to the recent international graduates from an Australian institution. This visa allows its holder to stay and work in Australia temporarily.

This visa as two streams

  • Graduate work stream

This stream allows the recent graduate who has completed 92 weeks of vocational training at minimum to stay and work in Australia for 18 months.

  • Post-study stream

This stream is for the students who have just completed a higher education degree by an Australian institution to study and work in Australia for a period of 2 to 4 years depending upon the degree.

Benefits of studying in regional Australia

Here are some benefits of studying in regional Australia


As metropolitan areas of Australia are packed with people. The population density in these areas is very high. This makes the living cost in these areas very high. The basic life facilities like housing, utility, and transport, etc. come at a very high cost in metropolitan areas. That makes it difficult for international students to afford the necessities of life. While in regional areas all these facilities come at a lower cost and thus are more affordable.

Relaxed environment

Do you dream to live in a place with beautiful beaches, sunny weather and a relaxed environment away from the busy city life? If you do then regional Australia is the right place for you. As it has all modern-day facilities like quality health care, good educational institutions and modern housing, etc. Similar to the metropolitan areas but the environment of the regional area is much cleaner and relaxed.

Friendly society

The society of provincial Australia is very confined. As the population is low in these areas which makes the people very interconnected. Thus the society is deeply linked and people are usually very friendly. So for a migrant, it is a very big plus to adjust to a new place.

An additional year in temporary graduate visa

The biggest plus of studying in regional Australia is that one can get additional time to stay in regional Australia under a temporary graduate visa after completing a course or degree by an educational institution in regional Australia. Normally temporary graduate visa subclass 485 allows the recent graduate to stay for 18 months but if one has graduated from a regional area institution then he or she can reapply for this visa and additional time to work and study in Australia.

These are some perks of studying from institutions in regional Australia. Hopefully, you have found this article interesting. If you are a student and planning to go abroad for higher studies, then choosing regional Australia can open new doors for you. The Migration is a certified company that can help you in understanding opportunities regional areas of Australia has to offer. We provide consultancy in every type of Australian visa like Australian study visa, parent visa Australia, skilled migration, etc. so don’t get confused anymore and ask our best migration agent in Australia all your queries.

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