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New small business owner stream of regional skilled visa subclass 491 for Queensland state nomination

Australia, the world’s biggest island has a population of around 24 million. Most of Australia’s population is centered in its metropolitan areas. These metropolitan areas of the country have high population density and the stats show that if the population of these major cities keeps on growing on the current rate it can soon become a huge problem for Australia. Also, the low population in provisional areas of Australia provides fewer chances of growth and development there that makes people think about moving to the major cities for better life opportunities.
To help this matter the Australian government is spending special efforts on the growth and development of its regional areas. This is done in many ways. Some of them are as following.

• Many new work opportunities are created in regional areas of Australia that prove as a magnet for skilled people in Australia and also people from all over the world who want better opportunities in life
• The Australian government has encouraged many developed businesses to invest in ventures in regional areas that will help in producing more job and employment prospects that will ultimately contribute to the economy of these areas.
• The educational sector is also working on making their programs more attractive and providing more grants and scholarships in regional areas so that more students from different parts of Australia and overseas can come to provisional areas of Australia for quality education.

These are some of the measures taken by the Australian government that is considered helping in the growth and development of regional Australia. This also presents a great opportunity for the people who want for their Australian PR chances.
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Queensland is a state located in the northeast and is the second largest state of Australia. Its population is 5 million that makes it the third most densely populated state of the country. The capital and most significant cities of this state are Brisbane. Queensland is also the third-largest contributor to the Australian economy. Tourism and retail trade are its major industries other significant industries include tropical fruits and vegetable crops, copper refining and sugar. This state also has 11 public universities. So if you looking for your chance to have a better life somewhere with good work and educational opportunities then Queensland can prove to be a place full of potential for you.

New skilled regional visa subclass 491

As another step towards the development of regional Australia, the Australian government has introduced new visa subclasses that have a motto of attracting skilled individuals from all the world to come to regional Australia and work there. This will help in both population growth and the economic wellbeing of provisional Australia.
This new visa subclass 491 permits its holder to come to regional Australia for 5 years and live and work there. This visa can also lead to Australian PR as one can apply for Australian PR after completing three years in Australia.

What is the new stream of visa subclass 491?

A new stream of skilled regional visa subclass 491 is introduced for Queensland state nomination. This stream is a small business pathway. It targets those migrants who are running a small business in regional Australia. One has to satisfy home affairs criteria and BSMQ (business and skilled migration Queensland) criteria for being applicable to apply for this new stream.

Department of Home Affairs criteria for Queensland state nomination

The applicant must satisfy the following conditions
• The applicant must not be more than 45 years in age
• Should be English competent
• Must have scored at least 65 points in the point score test
• The result of the applicant’s skill assessment should be positive
• Should meet all health and character requirements

BSMQ (business and skilled migration Queensland) criteria

The applicant must satisfy the following conditions
• Must belong to the occupation listed in the relevant occupational list
• Should have an experience of running and functioning a successful business or being an active part of a family business
• The applicant must hold a visa that allows him or her to work full-time.
• Must have bought an existing business in regional Queensland for at least $ 100,000.
• The applicant must own the business completely
• Should be successfully running the business for at least 6 months before applying for this visa stream
• Must have at least one Australian resident employee who works for 20 hours a week at minimum
• One should have enough expenses.

Applicable regions

This provisional visa stream will let you live and work anywhere in regional Queensland that is all the locations outside the metropolitan areas of Brisbane. For subclass 491 small business owner stream one must be living in regional Queensland for 6 months at a minimum before applying for this stream. One can move to any location that is considered to be in regional Queensland after getting this visa. This visa is for the candidates who are living onshore only.

The Migration

State nomination and this new visa stream of the famous subclass 491 can provide lots of chances of Australian PR for the migrants in Australia. One must get professional help in understanding these opportunities. The Migration is an Australian company that can help you understand the details and application process for both state nomination and small business owner stream. It is providing authentic visa consultancy to all its customers and is working under Australian law. Our migration agents can help you with family visa Australia, partner visa, study visa, and all other Australian visa types. So if you have any confusion about it ask our migration agent anytime you like.

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