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Australian Visas that can Open Windows to Australian PR

Australia is always in a need of skilled workers belonging to whichever field as it is trying to become number one in every emerging field in the world. Australia is already among the top positions of the list of developed countries that have a strong economic presence in the world. But keeping your pace with a faster-moving world is not an easy job. Therefore Australia always needs people that are qualified in occupations that are vital for the future. Australia is looking for these skilled workers not just within the country but in the whole planet. Its immigration system offers many visas that can make the pathway to coming and working in Australia for people from different parts of the world very easily.

So if you want to live in a place that is offering you every modern-day facility along with the appreciation of your talent then don’t miss out on the chances Australian visas are presenting you. In this article, we will discuss different Australian visas that can help you lead to Australian PR.

Australian visas that can lead to PR

Many Australian visa types present a chance of Australian permanent residency but knowing about the terms and conditions of these visas and knowing how they are different from one another is very crucial so here we will discuss these visas in detail.
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Skilled regional visa subclass 491

For the development of regional areas of Australia, the Australian government has taken many steps one of which is introducing new visa subclasses that will help skilled people to come and work in regional Australia.

Skilled regional visa subclass 491 allows the skilled worker to come, live and work in regional Australia for 5 years period. After working for 3 years in a regional area one can apply for Australian PR.

Eligibility criteria
• One needs to be sponsored by the state or by an Australian permanent resident living in regional Australia
• Should score at least 65 points
• Must be less than 45 years of age
• Should be English competent
• All health and character requirements should be satisfied
• The applicant’s occupation should belong to the relevant occupational list
• The result of skill assessment should be positive

Skilled independent visa subclass 189

This visa allows skilled workers to come and live in Australia permanently. This is one of the most popular Australian visa type

Eligibility criteria
• One must get an invitation to apply
• Should not be more than 45 years of age
• The applicant should belong to an occupation that is present in the relevant occupation list
• Must get a positive skill assessment result
• Satisfy all health and character requirements

Employer nomination scheme visa subclass 186

This visa allows the eligible employer to sponsor skilled workers from overseas to come, live and work in Australia permanently. The condition on this visa is that the employer can sponsor a worker from overseas only if he or she is unable to find the talent in Australia at that time.

Eligibility criteria
• One must get nominated by an eligible employer
• Should belong to the occupation listed in the relevant occupation list of this visa
• Have at least three years of work experience in the relevant occupation
• Must get a positive skill assessment result
• Satisfy all health and character requirements

Global talent independent program

It is a program introduced by the Australian government that attracts talented skilled individuals in seven future-focused fields from all over the world to come, live and work in Australia. This program guarantees fast track permanent residency for the chosen talented people. Many global talent officers are stationed in many popular cities of the world to discover talented individuals.

Here is the list of seven future-focused fields
• Agricultural technology
• Space sciences
• Financial technology
• Data sciences
• Quantum information
• Cybersecurity
• Medical technology
One needs to apply for distinguished talent visa subclass 124 under global talent program

Eligibility criteria
• One must be outside Australia when applying for this visa
• Must be selected under the global talent independent program
• Should meet all health and character requirements
• Must be nominated by an Australian citizen, permanent resident or any reputed organization in Australia

These are some visas that can lead to Australian permanent residency. If you want to learn more about these visas, or family visa Australia, or any other Australian visa type ask our migration agent in Sydney about it

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