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Professions That Have Good Prospects for Australian PR in 2020

Australia is in the list of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It has great potential to become one of the most influential economies in the near future. This is why Australia is striving to be at the top by working vigorously and by training its people and its migrants in the fields that are considered to be important for the future. This immense workload creates lots of work and training opportunities in Australia that can be availed by not only the Australian citizens but also by skilled people all around the globe. Australia is also considered to be one of the most livable countries in the world. This is because it offers its residents a beautiful, friendly and peaceful environment to live in. also, it gives every modern-day amenity like good education, better health care services, modern living and developed infrastructure.

Moreover, Australia has some of the best educational institutions in the world. 6 of its universities make it to the list of top 100 universities in the world. Also, its cultural diversity makes it one of the friendliest country to live in. this is why Australia is considered a favorite destination for international students.

The Migration

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Student visa subclass 500
For studying in Australia one needs to get a student visa subclass 500. This visa allows the holder to live and study the enrolled course in Australia. One can live in Australia under this visa until the completion of the enrolled course.

What can you do with this visa?
This visa entitles you to Live and study in Australia. Travel to and from Australia anytime you like Work up to 40 hr. in a fortnight

What are the eligibility criteria for this visa?
The eligibility criteria for a student visa is as following
· Must be more than 6 years of age
· Should be enrolled in an eligible course
· Guardian arrangements must be made if the applicant is less than 18 years of age
· The applicant must fulfill the English language requirements

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Courses that are expected to lead towards Australian PR in 2020

IT System Architect
The IT industry is one of the emerging fields in Australia. Its popularity is growing with every passing day in Australia. IT system architects are in high demand these days. IT system architect is a high paying job with lots of benefits. It involves designing and building IT structure for organizations. It’s quite a technical job that is why it’s rewarding accordingly.

Information Technology Manager
The duties that come under this post is managing and maintaining an IT system for an organization. This is a very crucial position as every organization is based on Information Technology these days and maintaining this extensive system is a very important job.

Engineering Manager
If you want to choose the engineering manager as your career it can prove to be very rewarding for you. It also depends upon the field of engineering it is associated with like oil, gas and other energy-related engineering managers earn much more than other engineering fields. So one must choose wisely before picking the field.

Information Technology Security Architect
Information technology is the need of every organization these days but there are many issues related to the securities of these systems. There are so many cyber-crimes that are attacking these systems that can result in the loss of important data and crucial information. That is why IT technology security architects are in high demand in Australia.

Data Scientist
It is also a new field that is in high demand nowadays. It involves analyzing data for useful information. So if you are studying to become a data scientist it can be a very fruitful career choice for you

Construction Manager
As Australia is stressing on its development very much and many new development projects are in the process there that always needs construction managers. This field is expected to become more famous in 2020. Being a construction manager can be very rewarding.

Python Developers
Python is a widely used computer language that is used in the development of computer software, websites and mobile applications. There are around 2500 vacant positions for python developers in Australia. This shows the high demand for this profession.

These are some professions that are considered to be in high demand in Australia and are associated with one of these professions or studying these fields can be very fruitful for you. We hope that you find this discussion engaging. If you want to learn more about the opportunities in these ask our best migration in Perth.

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