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Australian Regional Areas

Australia is an emerging economic power in the world. It is striving to lead in every field. To achieve this goal the Australian government is greatly emphasizing the development of its regional areas along with the development of its metropolitan areas. It is mostly done by creating many works and education-related opportunities in these regional areas. The work and education opportunities will not only attract the students and skilled individuals in Australia but it will also interest international students and skilled people who are looking for good prospects in Australia. All this is expected to lead towards the betterment and development of the regional areas that were once not that developed.

In this context, some new visa subclasses have also been introduced that will facilitate skilled individuals and international students to come, live study and work in regional parts of Australia. These new visas subclasses are

  • Skilled work regional visa subclass 491
  • Nominated skilled regional visa subclass 494

These visas will help the skilled workers from all over the globe to come live and work in regional
Australia and contributes towards the development of these areas. These new visas are presenting a
great opportunities for those who wish to move to a better place for a better life.

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What is a skilled regional visa subclass 491?

Regional skill visa subclass 491 is a visa that allows you to come to Australia and live, work and
study in regional areas of Australia for 5 years.

What is a skilled regional visa subclass 494?

This visa is for the skilled individuals who want to live, work and study in regional areas of
Australia and are sponsored by an eligible employer in that certain regional area. The condition for this visa is that the employer can sponsor an individual from overseas only if he/she is unable to find a suitable candidate for employment in Australia.

Destination regional program

The Australian government has introduced a new scholarship program called the destination Australia program.
This program will not only support the students in Australia but also it will benefit international students. This program will help in the development of regional areas as it will facilitate the students financially. It also leads towards the increase in educational and work-related activities in regional Australia.

Around a thousand of the scholarship, each of $15,000 will be given to the students studying in regional areas under this program.

What are the basic goals of the destination Australia program?

The basic goal of this program is to attract students in Australia and also students from the rest of the world to come and study in regional Australia will contribute towards the growth and development of regional Australian and provide students high-quality learning experience.
This program will:

  • Improve regional Australian education providers through the promotion of actions that will lead
    towards the prosperity
  • Provide both domestic and international students the opportunity to attain high-quality education in
    regional Australia
  • The students under this program will receive Australian Government scholarships for gaining the education
    in regional Australia
  • Enhanced awareness of the bright prospects of studying and working in regional Australia

What are the benefits of the destination Australia program?

Following are the benefits of destination Australia program

  • Around a thousand of the scholarship, each of $15,000 will be given to the students studying in
    regional areas under this program.
  • The experience of living and working in regional areas for Australia will help the students to
    understand the benefits of living and working in regional areas.
  • Eligibility criteria for the destination Australia program
  • Tertiary education providers must award scholarships to students who meet and adhere to the following
    criteria for the duration of the scholarship:
  • The applicant must be a new student in any institute in regional Australia.
  • Should maintain the ongoing residency in regional Australia till the completion of the enrolled course
  • Are enrolled at and study at a regional campus of a registered education provider.
  • Are studying full-time in a course that can be fully delivered by one of the higher education provider’s
    regional campuses.

Who can benefit from this program?

Following students can benefit from the destination Australia program

  • Students in Australia wanting to move to regional areas for higher studies
  • International students who wants to get high-quality education in regional areas of Australia.

When can you apply for this program?

Following are the steps for the application process for the destination Australia program:

  • Get registered on the website of this program
  • Complete the online application form
  • Provide all the required information and relevant documents
  • One must provide complete evidence of the fulfillment of eligibility criteria
  • Submit the application online before the deadline

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