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New South Wales State Nomination for Skilled Work Regional Visa Subclass 491

New South Wales is an Australian state that is situated on the east coast and is considered to be the
most densely populated state in Australia with a population of 8 million people. The capital city of NSW
is Sydney. Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and contains almost three fourth of the NSW
population. The major industries of NSW include financial services, IT industry, coal, and related
products, agriculture etc. New South Wales cities are equipped with modern-day facilities like a better lifestyle, high tech transport system, top-grade education system, and good health care facilities. So if you
are thinking of making a move to a better place then NSW can prove to be just the right place for you.
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The Migration in NSW

Everyone dreams to live in a place with better prospects. A place that can give you a better living
standard with good health care facilities and good career and education opportunities. NSW is one of
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New skilled regional visa subclass 491

The Australian government is greatly emphasizing on the development of its regional areas. Many work and
education-related opportunities are being created there to attract migrants from all over the globe who
can live and work in regional areas of Australia and contribute towards the development of these areas.
In this very context, a new regional visa is introduced that will facilitate the migrants to come, live and
work in regional areas of Australia.

The new skilled regional visa subclass 491 allows a skilled individual to come, live and work in a regional
area of Australia for a span of five years. After three years of living and working in regional Australia, one
can apply for Australian PR.

Eligibility criteria for subclass 491

One must fulfill the following conditions to apply for subclass491 visa
 The applicant must be nominated by the state or is sponsored by a relative who is a permanent
Australian resident living in regional Australia
 Should belong to the profession listed in the relevant occupation list
 The skill of the applicant must be assessed by the relevant skill assessing authorities
 Must be 45 or less than 45 in age
 The applicant must meet all the character and health requirements
 Should get an invitation to apply
 The applicant must score 65 points at minimum

What does the subclass 491 visa allow you to do?

This visa entitles you to
 Come, live and work in regional areas of Australian for 5 years
 To study in Australia
 One can enjoy health benefits under this visa
 Can travel from and to Australia whenever you wantNSW state nomination for skilled regional visa subclass 491

NSW government will completely handle state nomination for subclass 491 itself. The NSW state
nomination for the subclass491 is expected to open from mid of January 2020.

The Application Process for NSW State Nomination

Following is the application process for NWS state nomination
1. Submit EOI:
At the primary state, one has to submit an expression of interest EOI in NWS skill select round. The
applicant must choose NWS as the preferred state online. Also, the skill assessment must be
provided as the evidence of your talent.
2. Application form:
Go to the NWS state nomination website and create a login there.Fill the application form there
and provide all the relevant documents showing your educational history, work experience, skill
assessment result, and all personal information.
3. Submit the fee:
Submit the state nomination application fee online
4. Get nominated:
I take almost 4 weeks to get the outcome of state nomination. If you get nominated you can apply
for the subclass 491 visa to the department of home affairs.

We hope that this discussion was adequate enough to comprehend the basic idea of NSW state
nomination process. The state nomination for NWS is opening soon so if you don’t want to miss the
chance to avail of this amazing opportunity then hurry up and contact our migration agent in Australia.

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