A Complete Guide to Student Visa Application Process

A Complete Guide to Student Visa Application Process

Australia is known for its world-class education system around the globe. Australian population originates from various different kind of cultures that produce an immense diversity in its population. So the Australian citizens are more adaptive towards people with different origins, backgrounds, religions, and cultures. This makes Australia a very livable and peaceful place for international students. Australia welcomes a large number of international students from all around the planet.

Under ESOS (the education services for overseas students) and national code students all around the globe are welcomed to Australia for studies every year. The insurance of quality education and training standards to international students is always provided and is closely monitored by the relevant authorities. This makes Australia a favorite education destination among international students. A large number of scholarships and grants are also being provided to international students to assist them financially. The Australian government spends about $200,000,000 annually on these scholarships.

Also, Australia is striving to be on the top of the world. It is taking a special interest in talented individuals who can be trained and taught in future-focused fields. The Global talent program is one of the programs that the Australian government is running to seek the interest of talented individuals from all over the world. So studying in Australia can also provide bright prospects for your future.

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The migration for Australian study visa

Acquiring an Australian study visa is not a simple job. One must get help from a registered migration agent. The Migration is an Australian visa consultancy company that is running completely under the laws of Australia. Our team has some of the best migration agents in Australia who are working to help you with all your Australian visa related problems. We the migration takes pride in the fact that we provide 100 percent genuine and legal visa advice. So if you have any confusion about the study visa or any other visa type please contact our MARA certified migration agent anytime.

Australian study visa subclass 500

This visa allows a student to come and live in Australia to study a course he or she is enrolled in. the duration of this visa is five years or until the course allows.
What can one do with a study visa?
This visa entitles the person to follow things

    • To come and live in Australia
    • Study a course in which the applicant is enrolled in
    • To bring family members along
    • Travel to and from Australia whenever
    • To work up to 40hr in two weeks of the time period

Eligibility criteria of student visa

For study visa one must fulfill the following conditions:

    • The applicant should be 6 years or more in age
    • Should meet all the health and character requirements
    • Must be enrolled in an eligible course
    • Special arrangements should be made if the applicant is less than 18 years old
    • A student must have a valid health insurance

The application process for a student visa

Getting a Student visa is required if you are getting enrolled in the courses that will take more than 16 weeks to complete. It’s can sometimes prove to be a complicated process. Here we will have a detailed discussion on every stage of the student visa process.

Get enrolled in an Australian institution:

To apply for a study visa one must get enrolled in a valid course in an Australian institution first. After the institution accept your application and all the dues and relevant documents are submitted you will get a COE i.e. confirmation of enrollment. If you are taking more than one course then you must have COE of each of the courses you are enrolled in.

Make an account on the Australian immigration website

All Australian visas are applied online these days. For that, you will be required to create an account on the Australian immigration website. You will be asked to give your phone number and email ID then you have to choose a unique password and this is how your account will be created on the immigration website

Scan all the relevant documents

In applying for a student visa online you will be needing the scanned copy of all the relevant documents. Make sure you have scanned all the required documents before applying
The documents you will be needing are:

    • Passport’s scanned copy
    • Copy of COE (confirmation of enrollment)
    • Valid health insurance
    • Bank statement supporting all your finances
    • Health and character certificates
    • English competency proof like IELTS result
    • Pervious degrees or work experiences

Fill and complete visa application form online

Once you are done with all the above steps you have to fill a visa application form online at the Australian immigration website. There you have to fill all the information like your COE code, education sector, personal details, family information, previous degrees, work experiences, etc.
Our migration agent in Sydney can help you anytime if you are having any problem in completing the visa application form

Pay the visa fee

Once you are done with the student visa application you have to pay the visa application fee. When the fee is submitted you will get a TRN i.e. transaction reference number. You have to save the number so you can track your application.

Wait for the outcome

The processing time may vary for every application. One has to wait only for a couple of weeks for the decision usually. One can check the status of the visa application online using TRN. Australian immigration authorities will inform you about your visa decision through an email.

Hopefully, this discussion was enough to give you the basic idea of the student visa application process. If you have any queries about it please contact our best migration agent in Australia at any time. The Migration is also providing first free visa consultation to make your visa attaining process easy for you.

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