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All You Need To Know About The Labor Agreement

What is a labour agreement?

It is actually an agreement between the department of home affairs Australia and the eligible employer in Australia that allows the employer to get labour from outside Australia. This can only be done if the needed talent is not available in Australia and there are no temporary or permanent visas present for bringing that talent to from overseas to Australia.

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The visa programs under which the labour agreement visas are granted

Under labour agreement, the visas are usually granted for a span of 5 years. Following are the visa programs under which the labor agreement visas are granted:

Temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482

This visa allows the employer having a labour agreement with the department of home affairs to sponsor labour from overseas if he or she is unable to find the required talent from Australia at that time. This visa is usually for a span of 5 years
Eligibility subclass 482:
The applicant of this visa must be:

    • Sponsored by an eligible employer in Australia
    • Must belong to the required occupation
    • Should be English competent
    • Must meet all health and character requirements

Employer nomination skill visa subclass 186

This visa allows an employer under a labor agreement to sponsor skilled workers from overseas to come and work in Australia permanently.
Eligibility for subclass 186

    • Sponsored by an eligible employer having labour agreement in Australia
    • Must belong to the required occupation
    • Should be English competent
    • Must meet all health and character requirements

Skilled employer-sponsored regional (provisional) visa subclass 494

This visa allows an employer in a regional area to sponsor a skilled individual from overseas to come and work in that regional area to overcome the shortage of skill in that region. The employer must have a labour agreement in effect.
Eligibility for subclass 494:
The applicant of this visa should be:

    • Sponsored by an eligible employer in regional Australia
    • Must belong to the occupation required
    • Should have the skill positive skill assessment
    • The age should be 45 years at maximum
    • Must be English competent

Skilled regional (provisional) visa subclass 491:

This visa allows the skilled workers nominated by a state or eligible family member to come live and work in regional areas of Australia. The duration of this visa is 5 years
Eligibility for subclass 491:
The applicant must be:

    • Nominated by a state or sponsored eligible family member
    • Must belong to the occupation in the relevant occupational list
    • Should get skill assessed by the authorized skill assessment

Types of labour agreement

There is various type of labour agreements and they are discussed below:

Company-specific labour agreements

This type of labour agreement is for employer where an honest skill requirement is not covered by the labour agreement an area migration agreement is not present.

Designated area migration agreement

It is an agreement between the Australian government and the state or regional area. It facilitates more overseas regional workers than the basic migration agreement does.

Project agreement

This agreement is for the genuine shortage of skilled individuals during the construction stage of groundwork or resource projects.

Global talent employer sponsor program

This program allows the eligible employers to sponsor highly skilled professionals from overseas on conditions that if the suitable talent is not found in Australia or other temporary or permanent visas are not applicable for the overseas applicants.

Industry labour agreement

This agreement is for the industries that are facing a shortage of skilled individuals. It comes with specific terms and conditions.

Assessment for a labor agreement

Assessment for the labour agreement is done by the authorized assessing bodies. This assessment is done according to the individual cases of the labor agreement. Once the assessment is done and the result is positive then the employer is eligible to sponsor labour from overseas. The assessment also checks the authenticity of the case.

Employer obligations for a labor agreement

The labour agreements tell the employer the following:

    • Number overseas skilled individuals can be sponsored every year under the labor agreement
    • Which visa will be needed to sponsor the skilled worker

Hopefully, this discussion on labour agreement is enough to give you basic comprehension about it. But if you have any other queries about it please contact our migration agents.

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