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Don’t Miss The Changes In South Australia State Nomination Rules

South Australia is abbreviated as SA and it’s a state located in the central-southern part of Australia. It has a population of 1.7 million with 77 per cent of its total population living in its capital city. The capital city of SA is Adelaide. South Australia is the fourth largest state of Australia. Its major industries include social support and health care. This state has three public universities that offer many programs and courses for international students.
All parts of South Australia basically come in regional Australia. The Australian government is giving special importance in the development of its regional areas. For the economic growth of these areas, many work-related opportunities are created there. The international migrants are encouraged to come to regional areas and work there. A new visa subclass 491 is introduced in this very context. It allows the applicants to come, live, work and study in regional areas of Australia for a duration of 5 years. Also, international students enjoy better chances and after graduations opportunities, if they study in regional area institutions.
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For what visas you will be needing state nomination

One must need state nomination for following visas

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190

This is a visa that allows a skilled worker nominated by state or territory to come live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. Every state publishes a list of occupation that it needs workers for.
Eligibility criteria for subclass 190
The applicant for this visa must fulfil the following conditions:

  • The Age of the applicant must be 45 or less than 45 year
  • Should belong to the occupation listed in the related occupational list
  • The result of the skill assessment should be positive and the assessment should be done by the authentic assessing authority
  • Should at least score 65 points in the point test
  • Must get an Invitation to apply for the visa
  • fulfil health and character requirements
  • must be English competent

Skilled regional visa subclass 491

This visa allows the applicant to come live and work in regional areas of Australia for a span of 5 years. One can apply for permanent residency after living and working in a regional area for at least 3 years.
Eligibility criteria for subclass 491
The applicant must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be nominated by the state
  • Or the applicant must be sponsored by a relative who is a permanent Australian resident living in regional Australia
  • The applicant occupation should belong to the relevant occupation list
  • The skill assessment result of the applicant must be positive and it should be assessed by the relevant skill assessing authorities
  • The applicant must be 45 or less than 45 in age
  • The applicant must fulfil all the character and health requirements
  • Should get an invitation to apply
  • Must score 65 points at a minimum in point test

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South Australia state nomination changes

With the introduction of new visa subclass 491, the Australian state South Australia has done some changes in its state nomination rules. We will have a thorough discussion on these changes below

The point score

For some occupations in the occupational list of SA, the point score is changed. The minimum score of the department of home affair’s test is increased. For some professions, it is 75-80. But same minimum test score i.e. 65 points is set for international students that have graduated from institutes in SA or for those who are working in the state for one year. Also for trade-related occupations, the required test score is 65 points at least.

Eligibility criteria

There are also some changes done in the eligibility criteria for subclass 190 in SA. South Australia has started accepting applications for subclass 190 again but there is a very limited quota for subclass 190 applications. The point score for the applicant applying for high point category visa is now increased to 95 points. The applicant must score at least 75 points for chain migration category visa.

Application fee

The application fee for South Australian state nomination is also increased. There is an increase of 10 per cent in this fee and it is applicable from 4th of Dec 2019.

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