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How IT Professional Year Can Help Your Career

IT industry and Australia

Australia is the 6th largest country with six of its significant cities making it to the top forty cities in the whole world. Australia is at the forefront of the world’s economics. In recent year, Australia has emerged as a major contributor to the world’s economy. Its significant industries include tourism, Information technology, fossil fuel and agriculture. Australia has also made immense progress in a very shorter period of time that makes it a magnet for international migrants. As its thriving economy provides many good prospects for the people seeking career opportunities it has the largest number of international migrants in the world. So it won’t be false to say that Australia is a paradise for those who want to start their career in a place where their skills and talent will get the most boost.
Information technology is one of the most emerging industry among others in Australia. Australia is not just looking within its national boundaries for the talent related to this field but it’s searching all around the world for it. Australia is working on this emerging field for quite a long time and wants to be at the top in the field of information technology. Its need for new IT talents is never-ending so if you are related to this field in some way then Australia can prove to be an accelerator for your career.
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Professional year program:

Classroom studies help a student learn about the subject by lectures and assessment but the actual challenge kicks in when a student enters his or her practical life and don’t know the dynamics of the workplace he or she is working in. the work culture varies for different industries for example engineering companies has their own particular way of performing a job that is totally different from the culture practised in an accounting or IT firm. To understand the dynamics of the Australian workplace related to your field there is a program called professional year program.
This program is designed for the international students who have completed their degree from an Australian institute to understand the dynamics of Australian workplace and to gain experience through internships in their particular field.
This program is for the graduates of IT, accounting and engineering

Information technology professional year:

IT professional year helps a fresh international IT graduate from an Australian institute to gain practical IT life experience by course studies and internships. The actual factor behind the introduction of this program is to create an understanding for international students to adapt the ways of IT firms in Australia.

Temporary graduate visa subclass 485:

The applicant of IT professional year must hold temporary graduate visa subclass 485. This visa allows a recent graduate from an Australian institute to live, work and study in Australia for a period of 18 months -2 years.
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The eligibility criteria

To be eligible for IT professional year program one must fulfil the following conditions:

  • The applicant must hold a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 with 12months of a minimum validity
  • Must have completed an IT-related degree as a result of at least 2 years of studies in an Australian institute
  • Should have his or her skill assessed by a relevant authority
  • Must be English competent.

How IT professional year can benefit you?

If you are a recent IT graduate then IT professional year may assist you to start your career in the best way possible. It can benefit you in many ways some of them are listed as under:

  • It helps the recent graduate to understand the culture of the IT firms they will be working within the future.
  • IT professional year gives its applicants a chance to experience working in real Australian workplaces through internships
  • On the competition of the professional year, one is awarded by 5 points for his or her skill independent visa application.

How to apply for an IT professional year?

The application process for the IT professional year can be described as following

  • Choose the most suitable organization for your IT professional year program
  • Fill the application form
  • Gather and submit all the documents to prove your visa details and qualifications
  • Provide skill assessment
  • Pay for the program

The Migration:

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