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Engineering Graduates See How Engineering Professional Year program Can Be Life-Altering For You

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world. It plays a significant part in the world’s economy and also is one of the biggest contributors in it. These facts are adequate to show the importance of Australia on the economic front of the world. Because of this significance, Australia has many good prospects for people wanting to start their careers or want to give their careers a boost. Australia is considered as a favourite destination for international students specially for Engineers due to its Professional Year Program as it offers many different courses in thousands of disciplines. But career doesn’t just start with a good degree.


Off course a good degree helps one a lot on his or her career path but when it comes to practical life the real work experiences play vital roles in career pathways.

Engineering is one of the most booming industries in Australia. A large sum of the Australian economy depends upon this industry. Australia also has one of the best engineering schools in the world are known to produce the best engineers. To keep its pace with the growing needs of the modern world Australia is always in a need of new talent in every field.


As engineering is a field vital for its economic growth Australia requires new engineer so that it can train them according to its own work needs. So if you are an engineer and want to start your career in a place where your skills will be polished and utilized most efficiently then Australia is just the right place for you.

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Professional year program

Professional year program is a program for international students who have just completed their degree from an Australian institution. This program helps the student to gain the knowledge and experience of the real work-spaces in Australia that helps them in their practical career life.

Professional year program is offered to the international student belonging to the field of accounting, engineering and information technology.

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Engineering professional year

Engineering professional years target international engineering graduates who have completed their degrees from an Australian institution. This program helps them to understand the dynamics of an Australian engineering firm. Through internships in engineering firms, these new graduates get the real-life experience of the actual workplaces. The motive of this program is to give the international engineering graduates a thorough knowledge of what they are going to face on their career pathway and how to deal with it.


Which visa do you need for engineering professional year?

To apply for the engineering professional year you will be needing one of the two visas listed below:

Temporary graduate visa subclass 485:

Temporary graduate visa is for the international students who have just completed their degree from an Australian institution. This allows them to live, work and study in Australia for 18months -2 years.

Skill recognized graduate visa subclass 476:

This visa allows a recent engineering graduate from specific Australian institution to live, work and study in Australia for 18 months.


Benefits of engineering professional year

Engineering professional year can benefit international graduates in many ways some of them are listed as under

  • Gives an engineering graduate knowledge of actual Australian workplaces related to the field of engineering
  • Sharpens one’s communication skills according to the norms of office culture in Australia
  • Internships help the new engineers to create social contacts with people and firms related to their field.
  • Provides the graduates with real-life experiences with actual problems and challenges at work.


Eligibility criteria for engineering a professional year

To apply for an engineering professional year one must satisfy the following criteria:

  • One must be an engineering graduate from an Australian institution and must have earned the degree after at least 3 years of education in that institution
  • Must hold temporary graduate visa subclass 485 or skill recognized graduate visa subclass 476 with the minimum 12 months of validity
  • Should be English competent
  • Skill assessment must be provided for this programs application


How to apply for engineering professional year

The process for application is given below

  • Appoint a registered organization for engineering a professional year
  • Submit all the relevant documents showing your engineering qualification and visa details
  • Provide relevant skill assessment
  • Pay the program fee


The program structure of engineering professional year

Engineering professional year is a 44-week program which is divided as below

  • 32 weeks of class-based studies
  • 12 weeks of internship

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