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Are You An Accounting Graduate? See How Accounting Professional Year Can Help You

Australia is one of the most favourite places for international students. It is home to many world-renowned universities which offers various courses in thousands of different discipline. The Australian government also provide grants and scholarships to many international students. So Australia is none less than a paradise for those who want to gain a world-class education and want to broaden their horizon using the skill and training gained.
Once one is done with his or her studies the actual struggle starts for him/her that shapes you to become a better professional. The things taught in the classroom give a person through knowledge of that particular subject but the thing that cannot be taught within the boundaries is the unique challenges that you are going to face once you enter the real practical world. Australia provides its international students with an opportunity to experience and learn about the actual Australian workplaces. This is done under a program called professional year that is specially designed to help the international students to learn the norms and culture of the Australian workplace.

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The Migration and professional year:

If you a recent graduate and want to learn about the workplace culture in Australia then the professional year program is for you. This program allows an international student who has recently completed his/her degree in an Australian institute to understand and experience the real-life workplace. Professional year program is usually offered for accounting, engineering and IT related fields.
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Accounting professional year:

This program is for the international students who did their degree in accounting or closely related subject to accounting from an Australian institution. This program allows an international accounting graduate from an Australian institute to gain experience in a real accounting workspace through internships. This can provide a boost in their career and it also helps to score extra points in skilled independent visa subclass 189 application.

Which visa do you need for accounting professional year?

The applicant of the accounting professional year program must hold a temporary graduate visa subclass 485. This visa allows a recent graduate to live, work and study in Australia for 18 months or 2 years depending upon the sector of the Australian study.

Eligibility criteria for accounting professional year

The applicant of the accounting professional year must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Applicant must hold a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 with a minimum validity of 12 months
  • Must be a recent accounting graduate from an Australian institute. The degree gained must be completed in 2 years at a minimum
  • Should be English competent
  • The applicant must provide a skill assessment done by a certified accounting skill assessment authority.

The benefit of accounting professional year

Professional year program has many benefits for international students in Australia as it gives them a glimpse of real-life work challenges and educates them on how to cope with these problems.
Some of its pros are listed below:

  • It helps a fresh graduate to learn about Australian workspace culture
  • Internship in an accounting firm will sharpen one’s skills and will give a practical life experience to boost his/her career
  • Help to learn office norms and communication skills.
  • Can earn you extra 5 points in the application for a skilled independent visa

Application process

The application process for the accounting profession year program can be divided into the following steps:

  • Choose a certified institution for your accounting professional year program
  • Provide skill positive skill assessment proof
  • Submit all the required documents like copy of the degree and visa details etc.
  • Submit fee

The outcome of the accounting professional year:

The successful completion of the accounting professional year not just provides you with the Australian workspace experience but you can also score an extra 5 points in your application for a skilled independent visa.

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