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See How Professional Year Program Australia Can Help You

Australia is an amazing place to start your career. As one of the significant contributors to the world’s economy, it has immense opportunities for people looking for better prospects in life. If you are an international student who got their degree from Australian institutions then  Professional Year Program Australia is for you . Australia is on the world’s front in many industries like tourism, information technology, agriculture, fossil fuel etc. it is also making a drastic development in the field of science and technology and is seeking talent from all over the world to grow in this field with a faster pace.


Australia is also home to many world-renowned educational institutions. These institutions offer thousands of different courses. Australia is also a favourite destination for international students as it provides many grants and scholarships to many them. Also, the Australian population has origins from around 200 different cultures that make a huge diversity in its culture.


This also points towards the fact that Australian society is made up of different cultures and completely accepts the norms of various other cultures. That is why Australia is in the list of one of the most livable countries in the world.


The Migration:

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Factor behind Professional Year Program Australia:

All the educational institutions prepare a student for his or her practical life. But the practical life, in reality, is quite different from the one taught about in classrooms. It has its own challenges and trails. To get the students acquainted with the real workplace experience a program is introduced that is called professional year program.


What is Professional Year Program Australia?

Professional year program is for international students who have got their degree from Australian institutions. This program actually combines formal studies with the Australian workplace experience. The duration of this program is 12 months. It is actually for the students who have graduated from Australian institutions and want to apply for Australian permanent residency.


The fields in which this program is offered are listed below

  • Computer sciences and related subjects
  • Accounting
  • Various kinds of Engineering


For whom this program is for?

The Professional Year Program Australia is for the international students who have recently completed their degree in an Australian institution and is planning to apply for Australian permanent residency. The applicant of this program must hold one of the following two visas:


Temporary graduate visa subclass 485:

This visa allows the person who is recently graduated from an Australian intuition after completing 92 CRICOS academic weeks of vocational education to live, work and study in Australia for around 18 months.


Skilled recognized graduate visa subclass 476:

This visa allows a recent engineering graduate from an Australian institution to live, work and study in Australia for a period of 18 months.


Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the Professional Year Program Australia is:

  • The applicant must be less than 50 years in age
  • Should be holding temporary graduate visa subclass 485 or skilled recognized graduate visa subclass 476.
  • Must have recently graduated from an Australian institutions
  • Should belong to one of the professions in which this program is offered


Benefits of Professional Year Program Australia:

The Professional Year Program Australia helps many international students to adapt the ways of Australian workplaces and to gain experience in a real-life environment.


Some of its benefits are:

  • It gives opportunities to recent graduates to work and learn in real environments through different internships
  • The applicants of this program learn about the norms and culture of Australian workspaces
  • Get adapted with the communication skills used in workspaces generally
  • The applicant of general skilled migration (Subclass 189, Subclass 190 and Subclass 491) receive 5 extra points on the completion of this program.


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