subclass 494 vs subclass 187

The New Subclass 494 And How Is It Different From The Older Subclass 187?

Australia is a place full of opportunities for a better lifestyle, world-class education and health facilities. It also provides a beautiful environment to breathe in. This is why Australia is one of the most favourite destinations for international migrants. This has created a large flux of migrants in the major cities of Australia that has resulted in unusual population growth in the metropolitan areas of Australia. The population of these areas are increasing at the rate double than that of regional areas of Australia. To develop the regional areas and to shed a load of major cities the Australian government is taking some major measures. One of the most significant steps towards this cause is the introduction of two new regional visas (subclass 491 and subclass 494).


These visas are expected to attract migrants from around the planet to the regional areas of Australia, this will help in the development of the regional areas as new work, living, education and health facilities will be provided for the settlement of the migrants in the regional areas.

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What skilled employer sponsored regional visa subclass 494 is?

This visa is for the skilled individuals who want to live, work and study in regional areas of Australia and are sponsored by an eligible employer in that certain regional area. The condition for this visa is that the employer can sponsor an individual from overseas only if he/she is unable to find a suitable candidate for employment in Australia.

This new subclass 494 has replaced the older subclass 187 from 16th of Nov 2019. If you are curious about this new subclass 494 then please contact our migration agent in Sydney.

The eligibility criteria for subclass 494

The applicant for subclass 494 must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be of 45 years or less
  • Should belong to the occupation listed in the relevant occupation list
  • Must be sponsored by an eligible employer living and working in the regional area of Australia
  • The skill assessment result should be positive
  • Must be competent in the English language
  • The applicant should meet all health and character requirements
  • Should have work experience in the related field of at least 3 years.


The difference between the new subclass 494 and the older subclass187

Here is the comparison between the new subclasses

Subclass 494 Subclass 187
Many new regional areas are classified into regional areas with the introduction of the new visa subclasses. These areas includes significant cities like Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide etc. The regional areas under the older subclasses included limited areas of Australia.
Around 9000 applicants can apply for this visa every year The applicant capacity was quite less before
The applicants can apply for permanent residency after living and working in the specified regional areas for at least 3 years One could have applied for permanent residency right away.

How is subclass 494 better than older subclass 187?

The introduction of new subclass 494 comes as a piece of good news for the people wanting to migrate to Australia. Around 9,000 candidates will be entertained under this new visa subclass. The occupation list also has 500 occupations and people related to any one of these occupations can apply for this skilled regional visa. Also, the scope of the regional area is now even wider. Many big cities are now the part of regional areas some of these cities are Canberra, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide etc. This provides more and better prospects for the people planning to make a move to Australia.

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