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How Subclass 491 Is Different And Better From Older Subclass 489

Have you ever dream of living in a peaceful environment away from the hustle-bustle of cities? Or do you want to start your life in an atmosphere that has many prospects as well as it still provides you time that you can spend with yourself and your family?

If you want these things in life then Australian regional areas are just the right place for you to make a move to. Australian regional areas are all equipped with modern-day facilities and with that they also provide the peace in your life that major cities fail to give.
These regional areas are gaining a lot of importance these days as the government is focusing on its development quite seriously. The population of the major cities is increasing at the rate double than in that of regional areas so the government is taking measures to create many living and work opportunities in regional areas to attract people from major cities and international migrants.

A new subclass 491 is also introduced in this context that will replace the older 489. The major factor behind this new subclass introduction is to create an attraction for the migrants from all over the world to come and live in regional Australia and work towards its prosperity and development.
Some of the cities with great prospects in regional areas are:

  • Perth
  • Gold Coast
  • Adelaide
  • Wollongong
  • Hobart

The new regional skill visa subclass 491 has replaced subclass 489 from 16th of Nov.
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In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the difference between these subclasses and have a detailed comparison between the two.

What is regional skill visa subclass 491?

Regional skill visa subclass 491 is a visa that allows you to come to Australia and live, work and study in regional areas of Australia for 5 years.
One has to get a state nomination or sponsorship for this visa
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How is subclass 491 different from subclass 489?

Let’s have a detailed discussion on how subclass 491 is different from 489

Subclass 491 Subclass 489
Under subclass 491 one can apply for permanent residency after living and working in a specific regional area for three years. In subclass 489 the applicant could apply from permanent residency after 2 years of living in regional areas
Around 500 more occupations are added in the occupational list for regional skill visa subclass 491 The occupations in the occupation list of subclass 489 were quite limited
More areas are classified as regional areas under this new subclass that includes significant cities like Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide etc. Regional areas didn’t include significant cities so it only included areas with lesser prospective
new regional visa migrants can benefit from medicare heath care facilities were not provided free of cost to the regional migrants before.

Point system for subclass 491:

For the new subclass, the point system is also different from before. More preference is given to single applicants or applicants with skilled partners. Following are some key feature of the new point system.

  • Single applicants score 10 points
  • 10 points will be given to the applicants having a skilled partner
  • The applicant who has an English competent partner he/she can get you 5 extra points
  • State nomination can get you 15 points.
  • If your family living in regional Australia sponsors you, you can get 15 points.

How is subclass 491 better than subclass 489?


Subclass 491 is replacing 489 for good. It is done to facilitate the regional migrants more effectively. It is considered to give better opportunities to the migrants in compassion to the previous subclass489. some major factors are listed below that will show how the subclass 491 is better than before:

  • An applicant of subclass 491 can choose from 500 occupations. So if you are a skilled professional and want to make a move to Australia and you belong to any one of the 500 different occupations then subclass 491 is your key.
  • The scope of this subclass is also wider. It includes many more areas that are now classified regional which were once considered as urban. These new areas also include significant cities like Perth, gold coast and Adelaide.

The Migration and subclass 491:

Subclass 491 is providing many more opportunities for people seeking chances to work and live in Australia. But these people around the globe are grasping this opportunity. If you also want to avail this chance then you need to take an action right now and to so that you will be needing a migration agent.
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