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Mistakes You Should Avoid Applying For Australian PR

Australia attracts a large sum of migrants from all over the world. This fact alone is enough to prove that Australia is a better place to live, work, study and retire. Australia has a beautiful environment with splendid beaches and breathtaking landscape. It provides a beautiful environment for its residents to live their life at its best. Moreover, Australia is one of the significant contributors to the world’s economy. It’s a hub for many major industries and is striving to top the list of major economies of the world.

Six of the major cities of Australia makes it to the list of forty most significant cities on this planet this indicates towards the immense prospects these cities offer. As these cities are busting with a business buzz around the year they also create many work-related chances for individuals belonging to different fields. Australia also provides a modern lifestyle to its residents. It gives all the modern age facilities of life like better housing, healthcare facilities, world-class education and leisure or recreational activities to its citizens. So if you are planning to make a move somewhere for better work opportunities and lifestyle than Australia is the right place for you

How can one make a move to Australia?

The visa that generally helps the people planning to make a move to Australia is General Skilled Migration visa. It allows skilled individuals from all over the world to come, live, work and study in Australia. It’s actually done to meet the shortage of skilled workers in Australia. Let’s get an overview of this visa here:

Independent skilled visa Subclass 189:

This visa allows the skilled workers to come, live, work and study in Australia. It is a permanent visa. One doesn’t need any sponsor or nominator for subclass 189.

Skilled nominated visa SubClass 190:

This visa allows the skilled workers nominated by the state to come, live, work and study in Australia on a permanent basis. Every Australian state publishes a list containing the occupation in demand in that state and then skilled workers belonging to those occupations are nominated.

Skilled regional (provisional) visa subclass 491:

This visa allows the skilled individuals to come, live, work and study in regional areas of Australia. The key factor behind this visa is to develop the regional areas of Australia.

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Common mistakes in Australian PR application:

Applying for Australian PR is not an easy job it has certain steps and stages everyone has to go through moreover it also has some requirements that every applicant must fulfil. In this complicated there are many mistakes that are commonly made by the applicant and some of them can become the reason for visa refusal. Here we will discuss this commonly done mistakes so that they can be avoided and your application can be stronger.

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Some of those mistakes are:

  • Providing incomplete documents:

The most common mistake that is seen in the PR application is incomplete documents. With every application, one must provide all the related documents. The applicant must provide a complete educational and employment history. For educational history, one should provide all the certificates and degrees. To prove your employment history you should provide your bank statements, tax history and payslips etc. Moreover, you may need to provide documents for personal information also like marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.

The most important thing here is to provide each and every required document. Failing in providing a required document can result in visa refusal


  • Inconsistent information:

Another crucial mistake is not providing consistent information and this may lead to the refusal in many cases. To avoid this mistake one should provide the same information in all visa forms, for example, your education history should be the same in all the visa forms. Your information should also be consistent with the information you have previously provided.


  • Fake information:

If any of the information provided by you contradicts with the reality then your visa application has a greater chance to be refused for example the authenticity of your relationship. One must always provide genuine information only because giving fake information can cause you big troubles in future.

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  • Contradicting information on the internet:

In this modern world, the internet knows more about you than any of your closet friend. So it is always advised to put information that is parallel to the one you have put on social media sites. Any information that is not similar to the one on your social media can cause trouble for you and can ultimately be the reason for your visa rejection.

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