Are You An Entrepreneur? Here Is Your Chance To Boost Your Business By SISA


Australia is not just a place with beautiful landscape and weather but it is also a land full of promises for your future. It has always provided opportunities to the people who have will and compassion to do something in life and is still making newer chances for everyone with the zeal to prosper in life. Australia is one of the significant contributors in the world’s economy thus it’s always in a need of new ideas and innovations. So if you are an entrepreneur or has an amazingly innovative idea then moving to Australia might prove to be a life-altering decision for you.

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Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) program:


There is a program running in South Australia that called SISA program. This program is to attract entrepreneurs and people having innovative business ideas to come to South Australia and work on their ideas to eventually launch the initial setups. This program has started in South Australia and with its success, it is expected to be rolled on the national level too.



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Why South Australia:

The fifth-largest state of Australia is South Australia. This state is located in the southern central area of Australia and has a population of 1.7 million people. It is the capital city is Adelaide. The climate of South Australia is moderate with hot summers in mild winters. The major industries of south Australia include health care and social; assistance. State of South Australia is also the biggest producer of wind power in Australia. There are three public universities in South Australia that offers various courses and many international student programs.

What are the factors behind the SISA program?

  • The key factors behind introducing this program are:
  • To encourage entrepreneurship in Australia
  • To provide newer chances and prospects to the people living in South Australia
  • To attract global talent in South Australia to fast track the development in South Australia and eventually whole Australia.


Events by SISA:

SISA is running in South Australia and is conducting different events for both the local entrepreneurs and as well as the overseas entrepreneurs. These events help the participants in the following ways:

  • It helps participants to launch their ideas
  • To discuss the merit, pros and cons of the ideas
  • Participants share their work experiences and problems with each other
  • Support is provided to the participants to bring forward their ideas by offering masterclasses, networking sessions.
  • Participants are taught the ways of launching their innovative ideas
  • Financial and legal advice is given
  • Successful entrepreneurs will mentor the upcoming overseas and local entrepreneurs to guide them on their way of success in the respective fields


How to apply for SISA:

To apply for SISA overseas participants should apply under temporary visa subclass 408. The visa is granted for the duration of the activity.

What is the temporary visa subclass408?

This temporary visa allows the chosen overseas participants of SISA program to come to South Australia and participate in SISA activities. The duration of this visa is usually 3 years.

The eligibility criteria from the department of home affairs

Following are the conditions provided by the department of home affairs to be satisfied before applying for temporary visa subclass 408

  • The candidate must have an innovative idea along with a concrete business plan to launch it
  • The age of the applicant must be 45 or below 45
  • Must fulfil all the character, health and financial requirements
  • Should be competent in vocational English
  • The applicant’s idea must be endorsed by the South Australian government to be brought forward.
  • Should have enough finances to support oneself in Australia in the duration of the visa

The eligibility criteria from the South Australian government:

If temporary visa subclass408 is granted to you, you must fulfil the following conditions

  • Must complete all your task you are expected to perform under SISA activities
  • Should live and work in South Australia
  • Should be 45 or less than 45 in age
  • Vocational English competency
  • Must have the support of the selected service provider who has approved your project proposal
  • Must have enough funds to afford your stay in South Australia.

Which industries are top priorities for SISA?

Following is the list of the industries which are given priority in the SISA program:

  • Robotics
  • Agriculture technology
  • Film and media
  • Medical technology
  • Food and wine
  • Space science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Defence technology

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