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New Regional Visa – Subclass 491 – All the Details

The new skilled work regional visa subclass 491 is the highlight of the immigration news for quite a long time. The Australian government is introducing this visa from the 16th of November. The Migration is an Australian registered company that can help you grasp the idea of this new subclass. Our best migration agents in Australia can help you in your visa attaining process. We are also offering first free consultancy to assist you and to solve all your ambiguities related to this new subclass 491 visas. So if you have any queries related to this new subclass 491 or any other visa option don’t wait to give us a call our registered migration agents in Australia will try to help you at most.
Let’s have an overview of what this new visa will bring for the aspirants of Australian work visas.


What New Regional Visa Subclass 491 is?

This visa is a temporary visa that will allow people to come, live, work and study in regional areas of Australia for a span of five years. One will be eligible for permanent residency after working in that designated regional area for a specific time period.


What are the reasons behind the introduction of this New Visa?

The major cities of Australia that are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are densely populated so they have a large sum of skilled manpower that is sufficient to satisfy the needs of these metropolitans. Also, these major cities provide an immense amount of work opportunities that attract skilled workers from all around the world to come and make a living in these cities. These facts are the reasons behind the void in regional areas of Australia. The Australian government is taking drastic measures to develop these areas by creating many work opportunities in regional areas and inviting skilled individuals from all over the planet to come, live and work in these regional areas.


What is different from before?

The new regional visa subclass 491 is replacing the subclass 489. The new subclass 491 will cover more regional areas than the older one. One has to work and live in regional areas for three years before applying for permanent residency under new visa subclass 491 formerly this span duration was of 2 years. Also, the point system is a little different this time.


Some important facts to know about Regional Skill Visa Subclass 491

There are some basic details about this new visa subclass that are needed to be known

  • The applicant’s age must be 45 or less
  • Almost 500 occupations are there to choose from
  • The span of this visa is 5 years
  • Around 4000 visas are expected to be allocated every year
  • One can apply for Permanent residency after 3 years
  • One can move to another regional area under this visa


Key features of the point system for Subclass 491

The point system is a little different from before as it has some new priorities set. The candidates who are single or have skilled partners are preferred moreover English competency is also playing an important role in the point-scoring game.


Some important features of the point system are:

  • Single applicants will gain 10 points
  • 10 points will be awarded to the applicants having a skilled partner
  • English competent partner can get you 5 extra points
  • If you are nominated by state 15 points will be awarded to you
  • 15 points will be given if you get sponsorship from the family living in that regional area


There is expected to be a lot of competition on this new visa subclass 491 so if you are a skilled individual waiting for your chance to gain an Australian visa, hurry! And get your visa consultation right now by contacting our MARA certified migration agent in Australia.


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