Australian Regional Areas With Good Prospect

Australian Regional Areas With Good Prospect – Great Opportunity to avail!

What count as Regional areas?

The areas that are outside the major cities or metropolitan areas are considered as regional areas. For Australia, every area outside Sydney and Melbourne are taken as regional or rural Australia.


Why is Australia promoting its Regional Areas?

Regional areas usually have a low population. That is why it provides lesser chances to newer opportunities and lesser manpower. Australia is particularly taking interest in its rural areas and is putting its full effort to develop these areas. It is done by creating a new job and work opportunities in the rural areas this will attract people to move to these areas and the lack of manpower in these areas will be improved by this measure.


There is one other very important step taken towards the development of regional areas and that is inviting skilled professionals from all over the world to come, live and work in regional Australia. A new visa subclass has been introduced this year to promote regional areas this subclass 491 skilled work regional (provisional) visa.


What is Subclass 491 skilled work regional visa?

This visa allows the skilled workers across the globe to come, live and work in regional areas of Australia for a span of 5 years. Permanent residence can be applied after 3 years.


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Who is eligible for subclass 491 skilled work regional visa?

To apply for subclass 491 one should meet the following criteria:

    • Should be related to the occupation listed in the skilled occupation list
    • Applicant must be 45 years old
    • Must get an invitation for visa application
    • Should have scored 65 or above
    • Skill assessment result should be positive and is done by the skill-testing authorities
    • Character and health requirements should be satisfied
    • English proficient

The government is hoping that the development of regional areas will lead to the prosperity and economic growth of the country.


The pros of Regional Areas

there are many advantages of living in regional areas some of them are listed below:

  • Regional areas are much less crowded than in metro cities.
  • The living cost in major cities is extremely high in comparison to regional areas.
  • There are many problems associated with living in major cities like air, light and noise pollution these issues can be avoided by living in rural areas.
  • Life has a slower pace in provincial areas that gives you enough me-time.
  • Lesser traffic.


Famous cities in regional Australia:

There are so many cities with better life opportunities in regional Australia some of them are:



Perth Australia

The largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia in Perth. It is also the capital city of this state. This beautiful city stretches along the coastal plains of Swan River. It has a population of 2.06 million. Perth has 250 suburb areas.


Its weather is moderate with high rainfall in winters and dry hot summers. Perth is also one of the most isolated cities in the world.


Here are the pros of Perth:

  • Perth dominates the administrative scene of Western Australia.
  • Perth is very significant in the Australian economy. Its major industries are mining, petroleum and agriculture
  • Perth is also considered as a states technology hub
  • Perth has four government running universities and one private university
  • It has ten hospitals with emergency facilities.

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Gold coast:

Gold coast is actually a coastal city as it spreads 70 kilometres along the coastal line. It’s located in Australian state Queensland and is also the second-largest city of this state. The total pollination of this city is 569,997. Gold coast is the sixth-largest city in Australia. The weather of gold coast is humid subtropical with hot humid summers and mild winters.

The pros of the Gold Coast are:

  • Gold coast is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in the world. It receives around 10 million tourists every year.
  • It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia it has grown from a small tourist destination to Australia 6th largest city in a very short time.
  • It also has a healthy economy growth its major industries includes tourism, food, marine education and sports
  • Gold coast has two university campuses.
  • The Southport in gold coast has been declared as a priority development area this will open new doors to investments and job opportunities.


The capital city of Australian state South Australia in Adelaide. It comes on 5th rank in the context of pullulation density. It stretches 20 km among the coastal line to the foothill. The population of Adelaide is growing at a slower pace, it is around 1,333,927. Its climate is taken to be the hot Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters.


Here are the pros of Adelaide:

  • Adelaide is the economic hub of South Australia. Its major industries include health care, commodity export, defence and manufacturing etc.
  • It is considered as the learning city of Australia with three public universities. The ratio of international students coming to Adelaide has also increased in these past years.
  • Adelaide makes it to the list of twenty most livable cities in the world
  • With low population density, this city gives you a more peaceful environment to live.
  • Being the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide has all the significant governing bodies that make it the state centre


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