Medicare for all regional migrants

Medicare For All Regional Migrants

The Australian health department has made an announcement that comes as good news for the applicants of regional Australian migration. It is declared that migrants of regional Australia under subclass 491 will be entitled to have Medicare for their given period of stay.

Regional Skilled Visa Subclass 491

The regional skilled visa is replacing subclass 489 in Australian PR system. This is done to promote the regional areas of Australia and to create an economic boost in these areas. This change is bringing a lot of better opportunities for people willing to live and work in regional Australia for a certain period.

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How Is It Different From Before?

Medicare benefits

The most difficult thing for an immigrant is to find health care facilitates in a new country. The health care facility is the basic need of everyone as one doesn’t know when he or she will be in a need for it. The migrants to regional Australia under subclass 489 were not entitled to avail healthcare services and were expected to have acceptable health insurance or to pay for their medical expenses. Only migrants from the countries having a similar medical system like Australia were enabled to access the health care but now regional visa subclass 491 will allow all its holders to be given health and Medicare services.

How Will It Benefit Regional Migrants?

The regional migrants under new subclass 491 will enjoy following benefits during their time in Australia:

  • Will be able to save a fortune by not paying for private medical insurance
  • Not have to pay basic medical bills

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