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Fast Track Immigration For Highly Skilled Professionals

Good news for the skilled professionals seeking Australian permanent residency as the Australian government is introducing the GTIP program and is offering fast track permanent residency that will take weeks instead of months to process

What is the global talent independent program GTIP?

Global Talent Scheme of Australia

Under global talent independent program GTIP Australian government is presenting a fast track permanent migration scheme to the individuals who are highly accomplished and skilled in one of the seven future-focused fields. This is to attract talent from all over the world to Australia. This program was first introduced in June 2019 and is expected to appeal up to 5,000 talented individuals who are working successfully in one of these emerging fields from around the globe to Australia.

The factors behind the GTIP

The Australian government is offering fast track Australian PR chances to extremely talented people. The major factor behind this offer is to gain attention to the skilled professionals and persuade them to work in Australia in one of the seven future-focused fields. This will help to:

  • Create new talent within Australia for these future-focused fields
  • To excel in these emerging fields for better economic and socio growth
  • For the giving boost to the industrial growth
  • To make Australia the future technology hub

Who will benefit from GTIP?

This scheme focuses on individuals with high skills in one of the seven fields that are expected to be the most emerging and beneficial in the future. This program will give the accomplished professionals a chance to get Australian permanent residence in a very short period of time. These individuals are expected to be already working and thriving in their respected field.

What are the future-focused fields?

The list of these emerging fields are

  • Agriculture Technology
  • Space sciences
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Financial technology
  • Energy and mining technology
  • Medicine technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Quantum information/advanced digital/data science
  • ICT.

Who’s eligible for GTIP?

Only the individuals who are extremely talented in any of the fields listed above are eligible for this program. The applicants are also expected to be already working and excelling in one of these fields.

Global talent officers:

Instead of waiting for talented individuals to apply for this scheme the Australian home affair department has sent their selecting officers on various destination across the globe to explore and discover these highly skilled professions. These global talent officers are already present in most of the major cities in the world and are finding talent in their designated areas.

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