Skill Assessment

Are You Worried About Skill Assessment for Australian Visa?


Skill assessments are actually a check that your skills meet the standards and requirements of the relevant occupation. It is to ensure that you satisfy the criteria of the of Australia skills assessments when applying for a specific occupation that falls in skilled occupation list.

Skill Assessing Authority:

skill assessment

Skill assessing authority is an organization that evaluates your skill-related capabilities according to their set standards. Most of the skills have their own skill in assessing authority. Only those skill assessments are accepted that are issued by the relevant assessing authorities

Why Do You Need Skill Assessment?

Why do you need a skill assessment?
For some visa classes, it is compulsory to attain a skill assessment. Your relative skill assessment authority can provide you with all the information you need to know about your assessment.

Skill assessment phases are as under:

    • Phase 1: First of all you need to ensure that your profession falls in the skilled occupation list.
    • Phase 2: Secondly you need to find which assessing authority as suitable for your nominated skill or profession. It should be kept in mind that every assessment authority has its own procedures, processing time and fee structure.
    • Phase 3: Once your assessment is done, you have to provide a certified scanned copy of your skill assessment with your visa application. It is to be noted that the applications with negative assessment results cannot be submitted.

Visa Classes Need Skill Assessment:

    • General skill migration visa: The way through which skilled individuals can migrate to Australia is the general skilled migration visa.
    • Employer sponsored visa: To meet the shortage of skills Australian employers can employ suitably skilled workers from abroad. Applicants can apply for this visa living onshore and offshore both.
    • Temporary skill shortage visa: This visa permits employers to employ skilled professionals from abroad on a temporary basis only if he or she is unable to find a suitably skilled person in Australia.
    • Temporary graduate visa: This visa is for the students who have recently completed their degree in Australia to live and work live and work in Australia.

Professions in Demand in 2019:

The professions that are highly in demand this year are:

    • Information Technology
    • Engineering
    • Accounting
    • Science
    • Nursing
    • Teaching

Still Confused About Skill Assessment?

confused for skill assessment

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