Sydney Australia

Why Make A Move To Sydney?

The capital city of the state of New South Wales is Sydney. It is one of the most popular cities in not just in Australia but the whole planet.


The modern city is actually evolved from military colonies. The early settlers of these colonies faced some the most dangerous living conditions like drought and diseases but the situation was soon improved and the economics and social conditions of these colonies started to get better by the establishment of banks, worship places, workplaces and other institutions. With the start of the 19th century, Sydney started to take the shape of the colonial capital. Many civic buildings like museums, libraries, community centres etc. were built. Moreover, the discovery of gold in the colony gave a mega boost to its socio-economic culture and attracted the large sum of the population which led to the betterments in the infrastructure of the colony. Further, under British rule, the city prospered and evolved into one of the largest cities in the world.


Harbor bridge

With a mountain to its west, river to its north and the Tasman Sea to its east Sydney is more like a coastal basin. It extends along the east coast for around 70 kilometres. Its urban area is 1,687 square kilometre in size. Sydney’s population makes up to 65% of the total states population. Its estimated population is 5,230,330. It consists of 40 local government areas and 658 suburbs. The four most populated suburbs in Australia are in Sydney. The climate of Sydney is moderate with warm summers and cool winters. The ratio of rainfall is almost constant throughout the year. Being a metropolitan city Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world and is the most expensive in Australia. The basic language spoken in Sydney is English.

What is Sydney offering you?

Better living standard:

Sydney is the most densely populated city in Australia and living there can bring a lot of opportunities for you. Being one of the most developed cities on the planet Sydney provides you with a better lifestyle. There is also an immense diversity in Sydney’s population that welcomes people belonging to different races and cultures to live in Sydney in a free environment and it also makes Sydney one of the friendliest country to live in. This metropolitan has a state of art infrastructure to facilitate its residents. Better equipped housing systems provide you with modern living conditions to its residents. The health facilities are also top ratted as Sydney has one of the most advanced hospitals and highly accomplished doctors in the world. Communal services are also extraordinary.

Better economic growth:

Ecnomic growth Australia

Sydney’s is the hub of Australia largest economy. According to a recent study, Sydney makes it to the list of top ten cities that contribute to the world’s economy. This fact alone is enough to show the economic and financial strength of Sydney. This economic and financial growth leads to more job and business opportunities. Sydney’s economy is prominent for its distinction in the fields of education, manufacturing and trading. Its major industries include transport, tourism, finance, entertainment, and oil refining. Living in this metro city can give your career a mega boost as its fast-growing economy is also creating new chances every time for everyone.

Better educational opportunities:

Sydney is the home to Australia’s first university that was established in 1850 and up to this date Sydney is popular for its world-renowned educational institutions. Apart from its beautiful beaches, economic buzz and amazing lifestyle Sydney is also a favourite destination for international students. Sydney has many governments powered as well as private educational institutions. Its institutes offer a large number of courses and degrees that are recognized worldwide. With immense diversity in its culture, Sydney makes it to one of the top contestants in the list of the friendliest and most welcoming cities to live and study in. A large number of scholarships and grants are also being provided to international students to assist them financially. Australian government spend about $200,000,000 annually on these scholarships.

Diverse culture:

The most densely populated city of Australia in Sydney. It has a population of 4.627 originating from almost 200 different countries. Sydney is among the most developed cities and accommodates people from around the globe Sydney provides its citizens with a better lifestyle, safety, top the line education facilities and quality health care. Being a multi-cultural city Sydney provides its residents with a free environment practice your cultural and religious values freely.

Beautiful environment:

Sydney gives its residents a beautiful environment to live in. It’s known for its mesmerizing beaches and amazing landmarks and is always appreciated by the art lovers.

Famous suburbs


A suburb area along the banks of Parramatta River in the state of New South Wales of Australia is Parramatta. It is fairly near (24 kilometres) to the central financial district of Sydney. Parramatta is also popular for its diversity in culture. As Parramatta is a suburb area the population density is quite less than that of the major cities which provides a better lifestyle on a much lower cost.

Harris Park

A suburb area Harris Park is located 23 kilometres west from Sydney central district. It’s a part of the western Sydney region.


Auburn is a suburb area in western Sydney. It’s located in the state of New South Wales. Being located just 18 kilometres from the central commercial area of Sydney it gives its residents various opportunities on the economy and lifestyle basis.

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