The Amazing City of Melbourne

The most densely populated city of the Australian state of Victoria in Melbourne it is also the capital of this state. Melbourne ranks as the second most populated city in Australia. Stretching along the coastline of Port Phillip this metropolitan city has a population of 5 million that makes 19 per cent of the total population of Australia.


City of Melbourne

In 1835 Melbourne was founded as a British colony and it was later declared as a city by Queen Victoria in 1851. The economy of the city bloomed in the consequences of gold discovery in Victoria which also bring a large sum of immigrants to the city. This doubled the population of the city in very little time. The increase in population demanded better infrastructure so many public buildings, roads, ports etc. were built in this era. Even when the gold rush was over in 1960’s Melbourne still managed to prosper mostly on agriculture and transporting agricultural goods. The population of Melbourne was reduced by 80 per cent in the 1860s due to a contagious disease of smallpox and violence on the frontier. By the time of the 1880s, the city started to flourish again under land boom and extensive railway structure and became the richest city in the world at that time and since then Melbourne has shown significant growth in population and economic growth and has provided many opportunities to its residents.


The city of Melbourne runs along the Shore of Yarra River to its east, Maribyrnong River to its west. The most famous suburbs Melbourne includes St. Kilda Park, Albert Park, Port Melbourne, Seaholm and St. Kilda etc. the climate of Melbourne is known for its rapid change it’s due to some geographical positioning oh this city. Otherwise, the climate is taken to be moderate with warm to hot summers and cool winters. The population of Melbourne was 4,963,349 in 2018. Melbourne is also a favourite destination for international immigrants and has attracted the largest sum of international migrants in comparison to any other city in Australia. The most widely spoken language in Melbourne is English.

What’s In Melbourne For You?

Melbourne view

Thriving Economy:

Melbourne has been significant to the world’s economics from its early days and is still maintaining its reputation on the international economic and financial front. Major contributing industries in Melbourne are information technology, education, logistics, transportation and tourism. Melbourne is also home to some of the largest companies in the country. This city is the business hub of Australian state Victoria is always creating new job and business opportunities and is thus providing infinite chances to its residents for the betterment of their careers.

Better Education:

Melbourne has some of the very best educational institutions not just in Australia but in the entire planet. Melbourne has ranked 4th best University City in the world according to a study in 2008. It is also a magnet for international students. Due to diversity in its culture, it has proven to be a favourite destination for students all around the globe

Modern Lifestyle:

Living in a modern metropolitan city entitles you to its amazing facilities. Melbourne’s infrastructure is in the process of development since the early 19th century and has evolved into a glorious modern structure. Its state of art transportation facilitating a large sum of its residents on a daily basis. The security of the city is also noteworthy. Melbourne makes it to the list of cities with the lowest crime rates in the world. Its is ranked as the 5th safest city in the world.

Advanced health facilities:

Being one of the most modern and advanced cities in the world Melbourne is providing its resident with world-class health facilities. With the advancement in the field of medicine and biotechnology Melbourne has made its reputation as one of the best health care providers in the world. Melbourne is also home to many major hospitals in the country.

Beautiful environment:

Splendid beaches of Melbourne have always been the centre of attraction for its residents as well as the tourist from all over the world. Its historical landmarks are also appreciated by the art lovers within the country and also offshores.

The Migration in Melbourne

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