Study Visa Australia

Why Should you Study In Australia?

With immense diversity in its culture, Australia makes it to one of the top contestants in the list of the friendliest and most welcoming country to live and study. The largest island on the face of this planet has a population originating from almost 200 different countries. Australia is among the most developed countries and accommodates people from around the globe. Australia provides its citizens with a better lifestyle, safety, top the line education facilities and quality health care.

Australia is the sixth-largest country in this world. Its six major cities make it to the list of top forty cities of the world. These facts point towards infinite work and job opportunities and also towards exciting career options that Australia is offering.

How does the education system work in Australia

The Australian education system is based on different levels of education. These levels or stages are listed as below

School Education:

This level is comprised of a primary and secondary level of education. The total span of school education is around 13 years

Senior Secondary Education:

Senior secondary runs for the span of mostly two years (11,12)

Tertiary Education:

The university level higher studies fall into this category. It also includes VET ( vocational education and training)

International student program:


Australia welcomes a large sum of international students from all over the world. Being a friendly and developed country Australia is a highly preferred destination for higher studies by students all over the world. Under ESOS (the education services for overseas students) and national code students all around the globe are welcomed to Australia of higher studies each year. The insurance of quality education and training standards to international students is always provided and is closely monitored by the relevant authorities. This makes Australia a favourite education destination among international students. A large number of scholarships and grants are also being provided to international students to assist them financially. Australian government spend about $200,000,000 annually on these scholarships.

The Migration and study visas for Australia:Study Visa

The Migration is an Australian registered company working in Australia and Asia to solve all your visa-related problems. The migration works totally under the laws of Australia. Its MARA certified immigration agents are always there to help you in your study visa process. So if you want to get yourself enrolled in the most prestigious institutes of Australia and want to peruse your career there then don’t wait to give us a call.

To comprehend the sectors of study visa and to know that in which category you fall in the following list of subclasses will help you grasp the basic idea

Student Visa-Subclass 500

If you want to study in Australia and wants to live there meanwhile you have enrolled in your respective course this visa is for you. The student holding this visa can live in Australia until his or her degrees/course completes.

Student Guardian Visa-Subclass 590

This visa is actually for the parents and legal guardians of international students who are under 18. This visa can also be allocated to the legal guardians of the students with special needs or exceptional circumstances.

Skilled-Recognized Graduate Visa-Subclass 187

This visa targets the applicants who are recent engineering graduates from specific educational institutions and want to live, work and study in Australia. This type of visa is usually granted for 18 months.

Graduate work stream-Subclass 485

To meet the fast pace of its economic and financial goals Australia is granting a visa to those international students who have recently completed 92 CRICOS weeks of VET (vocational education and training) so that they can live, work and study in Australia. The occupation of the applicants must fall in the medium and long term Strategic Skill List.

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