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News Flash! Perth and Gold Coast Are No Longer Major Cities

After the preliminary success of regional migration program, the federal government has taken out Perth and Gold Coast from the list of major cities. This comes in as good news for international students and people wishful for regional migration. The government has also enhanced its quota for regional migration from 23,000 to 25,000.

What’s new?

Perth and Gold Coast reclassified to attract more skilled workers and students from around the globe  This creates better opportunities for the ones willing to commit to living and working in regional Australia for a span of three years. After this span, they would be eligible for PR visas.

Authorities have approved 3,000 more visas in the initial months of this financial year than the last quarter of the previous financial year. This figure is believed to be increased as the quota is upgraded from 23,000 to 25,000.

Purpose of The Change:

The Australian government is using regional migration program to help their regional area by inviting more skilled people and international students. This will also contribute towards sharing population burden with the metropolitan cities. New work and study opportunities in Australian regional areas will also provide an economic boost to these areas.

When is the Change Happening?

From 16 Nov 2019, the new definition will be implied.

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