Problems faced by international students

7 Basic Problems That International Students Get To Face In Abroad

Studying in a top-class educational institute of a foreign country is a dream of many students. But, it is not very easy. Only a few students become successful in getting admission in their dream educational institute as well as in getting a student visa. You have to eligible and qualified to meet the requirements of the student visa. I have recently met my friend who is studying in Australia for the past 2 years. He was happy about studying in one of the world-class universities in Australia, But, he also told me that there are many problems that every student has to face when they move to a foreign country. For instance, cultural differences, language barrier, academic stress, homesickness, etc. Foreign countries have their own kind of problems for overseas students. It is better to be aware of these problems so that you can prepare your mind before going there. Major problems that the students face in abroad are as follows:




The major problem that every student faces is the loneliness and homesickness. Living abroad without your family and friends is quite difficult. You might feel like an outsider. Every university has a mixture of students from different countries of the world. You might not find many students from your own country. Lack of connectivity sometimes leads to stress and other mental problems. Moreover, there is a strong support system from family and friends for you in your come country. Whenever you become ill or face any problem, they are always there to help you. However, while living in abroad, you have to take care of you by yourself.  So, it is very important that you prepare your mind that you might feel lonely. To overcome it, you can engage yourself in different activities so that you can fit in easily.


Language Barrier

Language Barrier

The most common problem that overseas students face is overcoming the language barrier. Even if you have studied in an English medium, still there is a chance that you might face difficulty in communication with others. A major problem related to communication is understanding the English accent of other people. As you are going to meet people with different accents of English, it is better to equip yourself with good English speaking and listening skills.


Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences

There is a high probability that you might experience a “cultural shock”. Moving to a country with a totally different culture sometimes hit you very hard. You will meet people with different languages, religions, festivals, and lifestyles. Prepare your mind that you are going to a country with a cultural blend and diversity. Be patient! You will fall in love with different cultures with time.


Money Management

Money Management by international students

The most stressful problem for the student is to manage the money and expenses. Currency difference between the currency of your home country and a foreign country may cost you a lot. Paying your semester fee, rent, bills, and other costs of living can be very expensive for you. So, it is highly recommendable to make a proper plan for money management. For instance, living in a shared place, cooking your own food, doing a part-time job, etc.


Academic Pressure

Academic Pressure faced by international students

International students have to complete their degrees within the duration of the student visa. Most of the students face academic pressure to complete their degrees on time, to get good grades and to manage the study problems well. Moreover, if you do a part-time job to meet your expenses, you have to allocate your time properly to your studies. Always keep your studies your studies on your first priority.



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If we talk particularly about the food, it is one of the very common issues that international students face. Although you can find many exotic dishes, you will definitely miss the taste of your home country food and dishes. It is advisable to search beforehand for the places where you can find food from your home country. Another option is to cook your own meals.


Uncertainty About Future

visa for international students


Students living abroad are uncertain about their future. They are confused about what to do in the future. Whether to apply for another visa to work in a foreign country or to go back to your country. The major problem arises when you do not know how you can apply for the permanent residency visas if you want to live and work in abroad permanently. Therefore, it is better to take guidance and assistance from a registered migration agent. You can take guidance and assistance from our team of registered migration agents if you need any help regarding Australian immigration on Australian visa at The Migration.

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