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New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa Is Announced

An Indian couple which settled in Sydney 8 years ago, recently expressed their concern to reunite with their father who lives in India. According to the source, Harshdeep’s mother died last year due to cancer. He now wants to bring his father to Australia to live with him and his three children. The Australian government has now found out the way to cater to such family needs of the migrants.


Parent visa for Australia is usually split into the Aged Parent visa and Contributory Parent visa. Migrants usually apply for Contributory parent visa. But they have to pay a very high visa fee to bring their parents to Australia. In other words, we can say that the system to get parent visa Australia is complex and long.


However, the Australian government has now finally passed the legislation. This will allow parents to live with their children in Australia for up to the duration of 10 years. A new pathway is now available to live with your parents and grandparents for a longer period. A new Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa – subclass 870 has been introduced on 17th April 2019. This visa will not only reunite the families but will also provide social benefits to the Australian migrant’s community.


Here are the details of the New Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa:


Important Points To Consider:

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This is a temporary visa that will allow Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to bring their parents to Australia temporarily. Following are the major points to consider if you plan to apply for this New Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa – Subclass 870.


Sponsorship is Required:

Sponsoring children who are either Australian residents, Australian citizens or eligible citizens of New Zealand will have to lodge a “sponsorship application” first. If you want to bring your parent to Australia, you need to be approved as a sponsor by the Department of Home Affairs. To clarify, the parent can only apply for the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa after the approval of the sponsorship application of the child.


Moreover, the visa application must be lodged within the six months of sponsorship approval of the child.


Application Date:

To get this new parent visa for Australia, children can apply to become an approved sponsor from 17th April 2019. After the approval of the sponsorship application, parents can apply for this new temporary sponsored visa from 1st July 2019. 


Stay in Australia:

As it is written earlier that this visa is a pathway to a family reunion, parents can apply for a 3-year visa or 5-year visa. However, this new parent visa is renewable for one time only with the opportunity to live for another 5 years in Australia. Hence, sponsored parents can stay in Australia for up to 10 years in total.


Visa Cost:

Visa fee for a 3-year visa is $5000, and for the 5-year visa, it is $10000. As it is mentioned that parents sponsored by their children can collectively live up to 10 years on this visa. Visa cost for a 10-year visa is $20000. Moreover, sponsoring children will have to pay for their parents’ private health insurance.


Number of Places:

This new long stay parent visa will be granted to 15,000 parents every year. It means that 15,000 parents will come to Australia on this new long stay parent visa to live with their children.



Australian federal government has announced that only those migrants with a taxable income of $83,454.80 will be able to sponsor their parents on this visa. With this visa, parents can spend more time with their children in Australia. However, migrants have found it pretty “expensive” as compared to their expectations.


Other Factors:

Here are some other factors related to the new temporary sponsored visa:

  • Balance of family test is not required
  • Work conditions for the parent are not applied
  • Requires health insurance and evidence of funds from the sponsored parent


Eligibility For Sponsor

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Following are the eligibility requirements for the sponsoring child to apply for this new parent visa Australia. Sponsoring child must have:

  1. The parent who is biological, adoptive or step-parent of the sponsor. However, step-parent can only apply if they are in a relationship with or married to the biological parent of the sponsoring child.
  2. Age of at least 18 years of age.
  3.  Australian citizenship, a permanent residency of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizenship and has been resident of Australia for four years.
  4. No debts to Commonwealth or public health debts (or have made the proper arrangements for the payment)


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