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5 Important Australian Immigration Changes for 2019

If we talk about migration to the other country, Australia comes in our minds as one of the superior preference. Australia has become one of the favorite places to live, study and work. Without any doubt, it is the dream of many overseas people to live in Australia. However, your reason for the migration to Australia can be different from others. Some people want to migrate to Australia to study, work, or to do business. While others to accompany their child or partner or to visit Australia only. In conclusion, a great number of overseas people migrate to Australia every year.

Like every year, the Department of Home Affairs and Border Protection introduced some immigration changes for this current year 2019. More of these changes are welcoming and favorable for the migrants. Let us discuss in detail about these immigration changes for 2019.


New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa – Subclass 870

immigration changes 2019 new temporary parent visa

Australian Immigration has now allowed Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to bring their parents to Australia temporarily. Parents can live and work in Australia temporarily for either 3 or 5 years. Department has announced to grant 15000 temporary sponsored parent visas each year to the sponsored parents. The purpose of introducing this new visa is to bring families together and to provide social benefits to the Australian residents and citizens. More details about this new visa are:



This new visa provides the pathway to the parents and grandparents of eligible migrant children to visit Australia temporarily. This visa will be granted for either 3 years or 5 years. This new parent visa is renewable but still, parents can live in Australia for up to 10 years in total.



Sponsoring children who are either Australian residents, Australian citizens or eligible citizens of New Zealand can lodge the application from 17 April 2019. After the approval of the sponsorship application, parents can apply for this temporary sponsoring visa 1 July 2019.



As it is mentioned earlier that the Department will grant 15000 visas for either 3 years or 5 years. However, the cost for a 3-year visa is $5000 and for 5-year vias is $1000. Parents sponsored by their children can collectively live up to 10 years on this visa. Visa cost for a 10-year visa is $20000.


New Visa for Start-up Entrepreneurs

immigration changes 2019 entrepreneurs

To boost the economy of South Australia and to invite entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, a new business visa is expected to be functional from this year. The good thing about this visa is that it will not require any capital outlay or funding arrangement of $200,000. Entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas can get this visa only with the band score of “5” in the IELTS test.

However, the applicants have to provide the original idea and business plan to the South Australian state.


Longer Processing Time for Partner Visa

tasmania chances to get PR

The Federal Parliament of Australia passed the Family Violence Bill with some amendments to protect the family rights in Australia. This introduced a new sponsorship framework of the two-step application process for the sponsored family visas. In the first step, sponsorship will be assessed. After the approval of the sponsorship, the visa application will be lodged. This two-step application process will increase the processing time of the sponsored partner visa.

As per this new process, the visa application process will not be processed before the assessment and approval of the sponsorship. However, a partner will have to wait for a longer time before lodging the application for the partner visa.


Increase in Show Money for International Students

immigration changes 2019 international students

It is the requirement of the student visa that every international student needs to show the evidence of funds to bear the cost of living in Australia. From the year 2019, the students are required to provide evidence of approximately $20,290. Moreover, you also need to demonstrate the funds of an additional $7,100 if you want to bring your partner with you. And additional funds of $3,040 to bring each child in Australia while you are applying for the student visa.


Permanent Residency Pathway for Low-Skilled Workers

immigration changes 2019 low skilled worker

Every year, Australia invites a large number of international skilled workers to fill the skill and labor shortages. Australian Immigration has announced a new visa agreement that can lead you to a permanent residency. Moreover, low skilled works with some concessions in the English language requirements can also take benefit with this new visa agreement. This visa agreement is known as the Designation Area Migration Agreement (DAMA).


Get Professional Assistance

dama professional assistance

It is very important to have the right information and guidance about the immigration changes in Australia. So, it is advisable to take the advice of the professionals before taking any step to avoid any problem or difficulty. Increase your chance of getting the Australian visa and permanent residency. Hence, you can take professional guidance and assistance from the team of our qualified and Registered migration consultants at Our team of migration consultants will provide you with the right assistance in this process of getting an Australian visa.

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