6 Major Reasons to Study In Tasmania For International Students

6 Major Reasons to Study In Tasmania For International Students

Do you want to study in Australia? Australia is a country that is considered to be one of the best living places to study, live and work. Currently, Australia has the third largest number of international students in the world. There are many world-class educational institutions located in different states of Australia, However, every Australian state has its own charms and values to live and work. Today, we are talking about top 6 reasons to study in Tasmania which will make to you consider this for better education.


Tasmania is the regional state of Australia offering a diverse range of learning and migration opportunities to International students. Tasmania is an emergent and progressing state that warmly welcomes the new entrants.


In the last few years, the number of international students has increased gradually in Tasmania. If you want to study in Australia, here are the major reasons why you should choose to study in Tasmania – Australia.


Tasmania – A Natural Paradise

Tasmania paradise

If you want to study in Australia and also a nature lover, then Tasmania is the right place for you! Without any doubt, Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places in Australia with breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, huge and captivating mountains, and lakes. Historical villages, peaceful and small cities, national parks, marine and forest reserves, cleanest air, and purest water makes Tasmania one the best location to live and study.


Hence, you can enjoy the mesmerizing natural beauty in Tasmania while studying to relax your mind and soul. Tasmania also offers a vibrant culture, safe and sound environment, peaceful locations, fresh food, and markets along with natural beauty.


Affordable Living in Tasmania

Tasmania affordable living

One of the most useful benefits of living and studying in Tasmania is that it is comparatively cheaper than other Australian states. Tasmania has a low cost of living with the lowest average weekly costs in some regions. So it is highly recommended to study in Tasmania if you cannot afford high costs of living, tuition fee, etc in other states.


Hence, studying in Tasmania is cost-effective for international students. You can get a quality education in Tasmania without spending too much money as compared to other Australian states.


High Quality of Life and Education

tasmania quality education

Tasmania is a very beautiful, safe, calm, secure and vibrant state of Australia. Living in Tasmania is more comforting and easy as it is comprised of smaller and peaceful cities. You will not face any traffic jam or city pollution. However, every facility and luxury of life is also easily available in this beautiful regional state.


Tasmania welcomes international students to study in renowned and top-ranked institutes that offer a high quality of education and research opportunities. There is a relatively lower population of international students in Tasmania than other states.


This is the reason that international students are interconnected to one another and can take more and equal opportunities. You can work in Tasmania to learn new skills and can also improve your English language skills.  Moreover, every student can get more support and personal attention from the teachers and advisors.


Also, the location of Tasmania is not very far from major cities of Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne. It takes 50 minutes from Melbourne and 1.5 hours by air. Transport is very easily available from Tasmania if you want to roam around in Australia. In conclusion, you can have a great quality of life and education in Tasmania.


Studying in Regional Area Grants you More Points!

tasmania study in regional area

Do you have plans to live permanently in Australia? If yes, studying in Tasmania can help you out. If you have completed your education in regional areas of Australia, you will be awarded an additional 5 points on the skill select points table.


So, get the extra 5 points by studying in Tasmania. It will increase your chance of getting permanent residency in Australia.


More Chances to get Permanent Residency in Australia

tasmania chances to get PR

In addition to getting an extra 5 points for PR, there are some other benefits of studying in Tasmania in terms of permanent residency. You can apply for Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa or any other state sponsored visa after living and studying one year in Tasmania.


And after studying two years in Tasmania (fulfilling Australian study requirement), you can also apply for Skilled Nominated visa. Also, the state grants you additional points if you apply for these state-sponsored visas.


In addition, getting an invitation is comparatively on low points if you apply for state sponsorship in Australia. So, it is recommendable to consider studying in Tasmania if you want to live permanently in Australia.


Get Professional Assistance

Tasmania get permanent residency

It is very important to have the right information and guidance about every step you take while applying for the Australian visa. If you need any guidance about studying in Tasmania, we are here to assist you.


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