10 Most Useful Tips To Meet Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements

Every year, a large number of international students come to Australia to pursue their dream of studying in world-class educational institutes. Currently, Australia has the third-largest number of international students in the world. Australia provides a diverse range of learning opportunities to the students along with the opportunity to live and work in Australia.

Do you want to study in Australia? Before applying for the Australian student visa, overseas students should know the conditions and requirements to get the visa. Visa application will be refused if any of the visa requirements are not fulfilled. One of the most important requirements to be fulfilled by the overseas student is to submit Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement. You cannot get the Australian student visa until you meet the GTE requirements.

In GTE statement, the student must specify that the sole purpose of coming to Australia is to get a quality education only. And will leave after the completion of the degree. This statement shows that overseas students are coming to Australia temporarily. There is no other intention of staying in Australia except study.

Also, it is one of the most common reasons for the refusal of the student visa. However, GTE statement is highly subjective so the reason for the refusal of visa on the basis of GTE is usually unknown. Hence, it is very difficult to assume that for which part of the statement immigration case officer refused your visa.

So, here are some very useful tips for you to meet Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement.

Be Realistic and Honest

gte Realistic and Honest

For every matter of life, honesty is the best policy! You need to be realistic and honest while writing your GTE statement. Do not lie, hide or exaggerate anything about you and your intentions. Remember your purpose of writing this statement. You have to clearly communicate that your “genuine intention” of coming to Australia is to study only.

Explain Your Personal Circumstances

gte Personal Circumstances

One of the most important requirements of the GTE is to explain your personal circumstances in your home country. Most importantly, your case officer will assess you on the basis of your ties to the home country.

Hence, describe in detail your personal ties to the country of your residence. These ties can be your family, employment or your community. For instance, mention that all of your family members reside in your country and also mention your possessions. It will help the case officer in assessing that you have very high incentives to go back to your country. Such as you have to support your family or you will have your family events back in your home country.

Describe Economic Condition of your Country

You also need to explain the economic conditions of your country and your family. This will help the case officer to assess your financial capability to bear your tuition fee, travel expenses, and living expenses etc. Also, write about the political condition such as any political or civil unrest.

Explain your Reason for Studying in Australia

gte Reason for Studying in Australia

It is the requirement of the GTE statement to explain the reason for choosing Australia to study in comparison to your home country. You need to explain why you chose Australia although the same course is being offered in your home country. Mention the difference that how this course is taught differently in Australia as compared to your home country. Explain how studying this course in Australia will benefit you.

Explain the Reason for Choosing Specific Education Provider

gte Reason for Choosing Specific Education Provider

Research in detail before choosing your education provider in Australia. Also, explain the reason for choosing the specific education provider. Explain how it is different from the other education providers who offer the same course of study. You need to explain what the benefit will be if you select this specific education provider. Or have you selected it because of its location in a particular Australian city or its ranking? This will help the case officer to assess your insight about the Australian education providers and your future prospects for Australia.

Explain the Reason for Selecting this Particular Program of Study

gte Reason for Selecting this Particular Program of Study

Before applying for the student visa, you must decide what do you want to study in Australia and why. The purpose of the GTE statement is to communicate that you want to come to Australia to study only. Mention that why have you selected this course of study. Is it relevant to your previous education? Or is it related to the industry that is growing in your home country? How this program of study will help you in getting a job in your home country?

Describe in detail all these reasons and the factors that second your selection of the particular course of study in Australia.

Explain Your Immigration History

gte Immigration History

Write about your travel history in other countries or other visas if you got them for Australia. The case officer will check your travel history for Australia or other countries. This will communicate the case officer that you have met all the requirements and conditions of those visas. It will increase your chance of getting the visa as it will communicate that you will meet all the visa requirements and will leave Australia after the completion of your studies.

Write about Your Future Plans

gte future goals

This the most important point to mention in your GTE statement. Describe in detail about your future plans, career path, future prospects and how studying in Australia will help you in achieving your future plans. The immigration case officer will assess this point to inspect your intention of going back to your home country.

If you are under 18, the intent of Parent or Guardian

gte intent of Parent or Guardian

If you are under 18 years of age and need the support of your parent or guardian to live and study in Australia, the Department will also assess the intention of your parent or guardian. You need to mention their personal circumstances and ties to the home country as well. Also, write about what is their plan to do in Australia during their stay.

Other Relevant Matters

gte Relevant Matters

There are some other relevant matters that you need to mention in your GTE statement such as:

  • If you have taken any education gap
  • Your supporting documents as evidence
  • Details about your previous education
  • The relevance of your selected course of study and your previous education
  • Details about your employment (if any)

Get Professional Assistance

gte professional guidance

Remember that the Department does not know anything about you. The case officer will assess your application on the basis of the information that you provide. It is very important to provide the right and detailed information in your GTE statement. So that it reduces the change of your student visa application refusal.

Hence, you can take professional guidance and assistance from the team of our qualified and Registered migration consultants at The Migration. Our team of Registered migration agent in Parramatta will provide you with the right assistance in this process of getting an Australian visa.

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