Know About 6 Principle Insiders For Successful Australian Visa

Know About 6 Principle Insiders For Successful Australian Visa

Do you want to live in Australia?  Every year, the Department of Home Affairs and Border Protection receives thousands of visa applications for study, family, work, visit, and business visa etc from different countries of the world. However, many visa applications got accepted and many of them got refused every year.

There can be multiple reasons for the refusal of applications. The reason can be a fraud, ineligibility of the applicant or any other tiny mistake or misunderstandings. Sometimes, tiny mistakes or carelessness can shatter your dream of coming to Australia. Certainly, people usually end up spending thousands of dollars and ample time on the visa process but still became unsuccessful in getting the Australian visa.


Here are some prime insiders for you the can lead to getting a successful Australian visa!

Provide Right Evidence

visa Provide Right Evidence

It is very important to provide complete and correct pieces of evidence to prove the claims that you have made in your statements. Every visa has its own requirements that you need to meet to get the visa. Such as evidence to prove your financial capability, English language proficiency, relationship with your partner etc.


All the information you provide is verified by the Department while processing the visa application. Hence, the evidence you provide should be accurate, consistent, detailed and up to date.


For instance, one of the most important evidence you need to provide is to prove your claim of financial capability. You need to provide your bank statement showing your capability to bear living expenses in Australia, tuition fee if you are a student, pay slips etc. Also, provide evidence of your academic qualifications, employment record (if any), and any other evidence to prove the claim that you have made while applying for the Australian visa.


If you are going to apply for a partner visa, you have to give the right evidence of your genuine and lasting relationship. You need to submit your joint accounts details, joint bills or any other evidence.


Be Accurate and Honest!

visa Be Accurate and Honest

The Immigration Department cross-checks all the information that you provide, also check all your visa application records (if any) and government records.


Be honest and accurate about every detail you provide in your visa application. Provide correct personal information, identity, mention accurate dates and immigration history (if any) etc. Be honest about your reason to come to Australia. Certainly, your integrity is what matters the most!


If you get caught for the fraud or being dishonest about any of your claim or information provided, the consequences can be very serious. Not only your visa application will be refused, but also the Department can ban you for lodging any other visa application. Therefore, do not hide anything important about you that is required to get the Australian visa.


Be Consistent and Organized

visa Be Consistent and Organized

If the information or any evidence you provide to the Department is inconsistent or unorganized, your application will be refused. Inconsistency in your documents indicates that there is something that you are hiding.

So, submit the organized documents and information to speed up the visa application process. It will create ease for the assessor of the Department while assessing your visa application.


Therefore, it is highly advisable to highlight the important areas in the documents and organize them in chronological order. Upload your digital documents with a “description” and in one file type. Translate the required documents in the English language and submit both original and translated form.


Abide by all Immigration Rules

visa Abide by all Immigration Rules

It is very important to know about all the immigration rules and timings. For instance, some visas require you to pass the English language test and submit the result in the first part of the visa application.

Submit the required results, documents or any evidence at the time of the application as per required by the Department.

Therefore, remember all the deadline dates, follow all the instructions and all other rules and timings stated by the Department.


Apply for the Right Visa

visa Apply for the Right Visa

It is very integral to apply for the right Australian visa to enhance your chance of living in Australia for the long-term.

For instance, you should not come on the visit visa if you plan to live permanently in Australia. Apply for the visa on the basis of your intention of coming to Australia, your qualification, occupation, and such other circumstances. It also depends on your plan to live in Australia permanently or on a temporary basis.

If you want PR in Australia, apply for the permanent Australian visas. Or for those visas which have a pathway to Australian permanent residency.


Get Professional Assistance

visa assistance 1

Get the complete information and guidance about every step you take while applying for the Australian visa. Misguidance or lack of information can cost you a huge amount of money and time. A migration agent can make the visa process easier for you.


If you want any assistance regarding the visa application process, we are here to assist you. Save your money and time. Increase your chance of getting the Australian visa. Hence, you can take professional guidance and assistance from the team of our qualified and Registered migration consultants at


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